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10 Types of Laser Levels: Getting the Leveling Job Done Right

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Laser Levels

While that makes sense, there's a tool that can make the leveling job a lot easier: a laser level. It's a tool that projects a level beam toward the wall, floor, or other surfaces. Simply put, a laser level allows you to level or plumb hands-free.

Whether you're a construction professional, framer, or DIY home renovation enthusiast, a laser level is definitely a godsend for tasks that involve leveling. It's a must-have in your tool chest. But if you've ever gone online and searched for the “best laser level,” you may have faced tons of results and various types of laser levels on the market, making choosing one extremely overwhelming.


What Is The Advantage Of Laser Leveling?

You might be trying to hang a set of pictures along a single wall, but you don't want them to look lopsided. With a standard leveling system, you could have a problem. It's impossible to hold your level against the wall while you're hammering a set of nails. You would need an extra arm, and you don't have one. So, you would need to have a second person to help you with the job. Laser levels make it easier to do these tasks. And in many cases, they don't require a second person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a self-leveling laser level?

Blog what is the advantage of laser leveling

A laser leveling device will emit a beam that will give you a straight-line reference along any surface (such as a wall or floor). And because most laser levels can be mounted to a tripod or wall, your hands will be free to hammer nails or line up whatever needs to be straight. These tools will make DIY projects a lot simpler, but they can also be beneficial for the construction professional.

How do I use a 5-point laser level?

Laser levels send out a beam of light that can create a virtual chalk line whenever you need a straight and level reference point, and its size will depend on the size of the diode. For this type of application, a smaller beam is preferable because it's more precise. With a wider beam, the actual level point can be anywhere inside the width of the beam.

Can I use a laser level on the floor?

You can use a surface laser leveling device by setting it at the benchmark high spot that you want throughout the floor. A single laser line means you have a consistent elevation that's on your benchmark point. But if you see two lines, the floor is either lower or higher. From there, you'll need to rotate the device few degrees and mark spots that are low or high until you make a complete circle. This is where a rotary self-leveling laser comes in handy.

How do I choose a laser level?

Blog what is the advantage of laser leveling

Not all laser levels are created equal, and there are many things you have to consider before you decide to buy one. Laser leveling devices can be a useful alignment tool if you find one that's suitable for the kinds of tasks that you'll be performing. Dot lasers are the most basic types of laser levels, and they're typically used for simple tasks that are occasionally performed around the house. A rotary self-leveling laser is made for more complex construction projects that need more precise measurements.

What is a Crossline Laser Level?

Are you looking to invest in a new laser level but are unsure which to pick? More often than not it can be hard to tell all the laser level technology options apart. Here at Position Partner's, we know we're guilty of using technical language which is one of the reasons we're writing this, to help you understand exactly what our lasers do and how they can help you.


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