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Observing Life [Ancient and Modern] [Metaphysics]

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Seeing that Zheng Hu did not move the remaining five people immediately turned pale with fright and then all aimed their pistols at Bai Yin These people are so close to her that they are not a threat to her Thinking so Bai Yin's hands kept moving In this way almost instantaneously two more fell The remaining three people saw that it was not good turned around and ran in different directions looking at their reaction Bai Yin knew that they were not the first time to do this kind of thing so the movements on their hands were even more aggressive Just as Bai Yin was trying to catch up with the three men separately a tiger roar suddenly interrupted her movements It was this momentary beam impact tubes hesitation that one of the men's pistols was already aimed at Bai Yin Chen Siguang felt relieved at the moment the tiger left and under the extreme shock all of them almost collapsed and fell to the ground

Bai Yin who had dodged into the woods and then looked at the huge tiger with a low whistle in its mouth side impact door beams now with only one tail left and they exhaled deeply It's so exciting to go out this time! Chen Siguang's tense nerves had not relaxed at all Then across more than ten trees they faintly saw the huge tiger pouncing on the man and throwing him to the ground After the man struggled to break free he was swept to the ground by the tiger's tail until he could no longer get up "Plop" "plop" The hearts of Chen Siguang and others are beating wildly again Is the tiger ready to eat people!

When Bai Yin came back what he saw was this picture Chen Siguang looked at them with a white face not far away as if he had seen something frightening Old the tiger eats people! Zhang Qingjie's deliberately low voice has some changes in tone Uh Bai Yin looked down the line of sight of the five men Then Zhang Qingjie scared words are not complete it it it actually came back but also to their side! Bai Yin looked at the tiger with the man's clothes in his mouth regardless of the people under his mouth shaking like chaff and dragging him over and looked a little puzzled The next second she seemed to vaguely understand its intention The tiger put the man at Bai Yin's feet without looking at Chen Siguang who was as stiff as a stone carving and dared not breathe Then he squatted down and looked at her with cold khaki eyes

Is this to treat the person as a prey and let her eat first Bai Yin pulled the corners of her mouth and said helplessly "" I don't eat people Seemingly understanding Bai Yin's refusal the tiger's tail swept the ground then bit the man's impact beam tubes throat and enjoyed his lunch The man on the edge of the tiger's mouth screamed to escape and wanted to faint immediately For a moment the low roar of the tiger's threat and the sound of people in a desperate situation were intertwined and the quiet woods suddenly became particularly frightening Help! Just me!

The man looked at Bai Yin with a deep plea in his eyes Bai Yin took one look at Chen Siguang and then hesitated to make a move at the tiger in front of her She steeled herself and said "Yes" Let him go In front of so many people Bai Yin did not call out the name of Little Martial Uncle Chen Siguang stared at Bai Yin and interrupted the tiger's eating What did she think! However to Chen Siguang's great surprise the tiger actually loosened its mouth The tiger put the man down then looked at Bai Yin coldly and then turned away After waiting for the tiger to leave Bai Yin said to the five people in a daze "Do you have a rope" Chen Siguang took the lead in coming to his senses He opened his backpack and handed Bai Yin the climbing rope he was carrying "There is this" Bai Yin saw that the rope was strong enough and then she tied the only sober poacher who had just escaped from the tiger's mouth to the tree Seemingly understood Bai Yin's plan Zhao Jin and Qin Qiyi hurriedly dragged the remaining five people who had passed out to here Bai Yin tied all the men's hands and feet with ropes Then she picked up the dagger she had thrown and explained "I tied a robber's knot If you don't move they can't run away" Hearing what Bai Yin said Chen Siguang froze "Are you leaving" 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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