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Hunting Demon Notes

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 If it were any other spell-like ability it might have been killed by the werewolf's claws but Oberlein's reaction speed is far faster than that of stainless steel toilet the ordinary spell-like ability He only needs a moment of force field to block it He has raised his hand and designated the werewolf's head and a little white fire on his fingertips has already formed! As long as it is an organism without energy defense it will not be able to stop the high temperature jet of up to 2000 degrees brewing in Oberlein at the moment However the werewolf suddenly stopped biting looked at Oberlein and in the moment before the fire shot out he grinned and smiled eerily at Oberlein!

Oberlein's internal organs are different from the traditional stainless steel squatting pan human internal organs and the mutated internal organs can bear the huge energy consumption and supply required by the ability But just looking at the wound we can see that his internal organs are not just mutated many marks are obvious scars and even many new injuries He lay on his back and gasped as he looked at the still fiery clouds in the night sky

He sensed Elena's nervousness and asked "What kind of person is Gadler" "Gardler" Stunned Elena began to try to remember "He was not a big man before just an assistant of Dr Connor" I met him once He was not very smart and looked wretched He didn't impress me at that time I don't know why the chancellor suddenly put him in an important position and I don't know where his strange ability comes from Maybe it's one of the lab's secret projects I wasn't interested in any of this before and I spent most of the year in a deep sleep so I didn't know stainless steel shower tray these secrets At that time the only feeling he left me was that this person might be crazy As she spoke perhaps because of distraction Elena's tense body finally relaxed

At the sight of this Oberlein smiled only to be frowned by the sudden pain He breathed a long breath again sighed a little and said "Gadler is really a madman" Madman is the hardest to deal with If he hadn't finally shown his evolutionary bottleneck in this battle I don't know how long he would have lasted "But this battle almost killed you!" "This is not the only time I almost died" Oberlein said with a laugh Don't worry I'm lucky I won't die so easily Besides it's gonna get better and better isn't it Elena suddenly broke out "Why do you have to bear such a heavy responsibility alone" You're not the only one in the Arthur family Why do you take the whole war on yourself Isn't there still Parsephone I'm sure we can find her Are you the only one who can win this war

"But aren't we close to winning" Oberlein said with a smile But Elena has no way to refute that this seemingly desperate war is indeed the man in front of him through a battle a little victory quietly turning the situation around in a desperate situation But she felt that Oberlein was wrong How much had he paid to achieve a miraculous victory Perhaps the only one who knows this is her who has fought side by side with him from beginning to end cnkexin.com

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