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Return to Daming to be a gifted scholar

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"Big brother there are two accomplices selling fake paintings should also be collapsible pallet box arrested" "The head of the yamen officer had long felt that Master Zhang did not look like a good man He immediately nodded and said" All right let's take it together " "Damn it it seems that if we don't teach these guys a lesson today they won't know that Ma Wang Ye has three eyes!" Master Zhang finally got angry and shouted at the head of the officer's squad "Very well Since you arrest people indiscriminately I'll let you arrest them

But I'll warn you first I'm afraid it's easier to catch me than to let me go" Then Master Zhang turned to Zhang Shitou and shouted proudly "Shitou go to the Yamen of Zhenfu Department immediately and send a letter to my eldest brother who is a Royal Guard Please come to the Yamen of Shuntian Prefecture to testify for me" Before Master Zhang had finished speaking the yamen runner and the servants who had been very aggressive just now were all dumbfounded The head of the yamen runner's squad who ordered him to take the order was even more ashen in face with beads of sweat rolling on his forehead He quickly stopped his yamen runner and rushed to foldable bulk container Master Zhang bowing and scraping in front of him and said

Don't mention it When you see injustice on the road you will be shoveled by others Those house slaves throw their weight around and bully others collapsible bulk container This young master has a high moral character Of course he has to take care of it" Master Zhang waved his hand grandly as if he had forgotten that he didn't want to meddle in this matter at all just now Master Zhang asked curiously

And enmity Master Zhang asked The scholar nodded and replied "Their master and my father went to prison together Their master bribed the dignitaries in the court Not only did he put all the blame on my father but he also ordered his relatives and family members to persecute our brother and sister in Beijing He wanted to force our brother and sister to leave Beijing No one cried out for my father" Speaking of this the scholar added "I heard that the landlord who rented our brother and sister was also bribed by them forcing us to pay a year's rent within three days otherwise we would be driven away leaving us nowhere to live in the capital" "Poor Daming version of the petition refugees" Master Zhang sighed and on second plastic bulk containers thought Master Zhang felt that it was rare for him to be a good man once so he should simply be a good man to the end accumulate more Yin De and maybe in his next life he could be reincarnated as a civil servant in the 21st century and continue to enjoy happiness

The prince and the young man are strangers If you take the prince's money you will get a reward without doing anything If the prince gives help and the young man takes the prince's money you will get Longwang Shu It's against the sage's way 。 cnplasticpallet.com

11, Ağustos, 2022 Dans kategorisinde Brenda J. Bushway (220 puan) tarafından soruldu

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