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Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Shui

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"Coming" Ma Shuai recognized Feng Shui and greeted him warmly The atmosphere here is good Feng Shui sighed What wouldguotou! The young man next to Feng Shui was obviously drunk and shouted at Ma Shuai "Ah" Ma Shuai looked at the man and his tone was full of helplessness 2004-12-9 112600 He handed the man a bottle plastic bottle making machine of Red Star Erguotou with 52 degrees and two halves and handed him a bottle of Sprite Ma Shuai took out several bottles of foreign wine from the wine cabinet and began to mix "midnight passion" for Feng Shui The man seemed to have drunk too much and his hands were trembling He opened the bottle of Red Star Erguotou and poured it into the wine in front of him

Then he opened the bottle of Sprite and dissolved it in it Feng Shui looked at him curiously wondering why he was drinking like that Ma Shuye the virgin Feng Shui asked in puzzlement That's right He is my junior fellow apprentice PET blow moulding machine Wang Gongbo He has a good appearance work and family background but he has a bad habit that is he likes to save virgins Ma Shuai said helplessly This habit is really not very good Feng Shui took a sip of Midnight Passion and was stimulated by the strong taste of the wine

Who says it's not Two days ago he just met a girl on the Internet She is 20 years old She looks good and has a good figure She is also congenial to him What's more this girl is still a virgin The two of them lived together for nearly half a month but nothing happened Ma Shuai said even more helplessly No way Feng Shui looked at Wang Gongbo in disbelief and exclaimed No matter who you tell it to PET bottle Mold no one will believe it The two of them slept naked in the same bed for nearly half a month touching and kissing but the last thing was not done Do you know what the reason is Ma Shuai looked at Feng S changes Feng Shui felt that this change was the reaction of the magic gas Feng Shui's face could not help showing a trace of disdain to laugh Forget it Don't play anymore

I've been here for so long and we should get down to business! The tone of Feng Shui suddenly cooled down and the eyes in his eyes became fierce How interesting I didn't think we could hide it so well but we still couldn't escape your eyes Ma Shuai first pretended to be surprised but then calmed down in an instant and his tone was particularly aggrieved When did you expand here Feng Shui asked coldly Since you left Japan water filling machine Mieyin has put the evil spirit of tracking on your disciples so we came here very easily Ma Shuai looked at Feng Shui in an evil way and said softly Then why didn't you do it to my apprentice Feng Shui said in a cold voice We are not interested in starting with small shrimps who have no training skills at all You should know what it means to cast a long line to catch a big fish Ma Shuai's eyes suddenly filled with a faint blue look and whispered

What do you want Feng Shui looked at Ma Shuai disdainfully and asked Since we are all sensible people I don't think I need to say it too clearly Ma Shuai laughed Just the two of you Feng Shui looked at Ma Shuai with his head tilted disdainfully and then looked at Wang Gongbo who was already completely awake and whose eyes were also full of faint blue eyes Ha ha ha You should know what an ant eats an elephant Ma Shuai laughed proudly By this time Feng Shui had felt the fluctuation of fifteen evil spirits behind him and he knew that he had been surrounded There are a lot of people but I didn't expect that in such a short period of time your team has grown rapidly Feng Shui sneered Those of us who were hidden in ancient times will be awakened as long as the Lord God is resurrected Ma Shuai said in an evil voice Demon seed How could it remain in this world Feng Shui asked in shock gzxilinear.com

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