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The king of divination king-exploring the moon in the bamboo forest

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Xu Moying thought for a moment then pushed the door and went into the yard The black cat had run away and the steamed ease The three of them made dumplings together Lan Ling talked and laughed with Xu's mother but Xu Moying kept thinking about Grandpa's fake ficus tree death and was unhappy so that the dumpling skin was rolled into a long one Xu's mother kept laughing and scolding him As she scolded she seemed to remember something and said to Xu Moying "Have you seen the new apricot sapling in the yard" Xu Moying shook his head repeatedly "I didn't see it" "That seedling is so out of place that

I have long wanted to shovel it off with a shovel but your grandfather always wants to transplant it under the south wall of the old house" He so roll steadfastly when I was a child It's really useless for faux ficus tree a son and useless for a girl"! If your sister hadn't gone back to school I wouldn't have bothered to ather for a while Xu Moying also inevitably inquired about the situation when Grandpa died but did not get any valuable information

As a result of running around for two days Xu and Lan were very tired and after dinner they went back to their rooms to rest Xu Moying let yud Lan Ling by saying "Yes artificial banyan trees I suddenly remembered that Grandpa once said that the cinnabar amulet can ward off evil spirits and has the function of seeking good luck and avoiding disaster I think it will be all right to wear this!"! Don't worry go back to bed quickly!

Although Lan Ling knew that he was playing with himself he sough it's not a big thing but Xu Moying wants to help him large ficus tree realize it after Grandpa's death He put the sapling in a bamboo basket and was about to ou a secret!" "What secret" Xu Moying is surprised in the heart really do not know what secret he still has

Lan Ling mysteriously took out a small black notebook from behind and shook it at Xu Moying "That's it!" He said with a smile As soon as Xu Moying saw it he suddenly remembered that it was his notebook under the pillow at the head of the bed which recorded some poems he had written when he was a child It was not a secret but some of them were works when he was wearing open crotch pants and could not be taken out So he smiled sheepishly and said "They were all written when I was very young Don't read them" Why don't you look This is the first time I've seen your poem It's very funny Lan Ling laughed and said "Come on I'll read large palm trees for sale you a poem written when you were six years old" The hen does not lay eggs the sow always goes to the pen (Juan) the mother is anxious cooks a pot of rice! Lan Ling smiled as he read which made Xu Moying very embarrassed He was too young at that time It was not a poem but a doggerel I prefer this regulated poem "Lan Ling read again" The flowers and warblers are noisy and the trees are thick and the wind and rain are deep A thousand points of sorrow on the temples and eyebrows red and green spring There is a desire to return to Yan a silent and lonely man But I suspect that spring wants to grow old and I ask time in the mirror The tonal patterns are neat and the antithesis is neat It's not easy for a 10-year-old child to write like this!

In the Tang and Song Dynasties that was a little genius! Xu Moying could not help but think of the literature he had done for many years and finally broken and shook his head with a wry smile "It's just a random pastime!" "Then when can you send me another song" Lan Ling's beautiful eyes rippled "Send me a song Xu Dacai!" Xu Moying suddenly restrained his smile and said "I will never write poetry again" With that he walked straight ahead without looking back Lan Ling did not know the complicated past between him and Su Qianyue For Xu Moying literature and poetry have disappeared with the death of the shallow moon For a dream negative a person He never wants to do such a silly thing again hacartificialtree.com

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