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The Legend of Tangmen Heroes from the Mainland of Douluo

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Accompanied by the explosion of Dingshen Array although they were all affected and injured and even consumed a lot it turned out that the calculation of the Emperor of Heaven was correct and the six divine realms flew in the direction of Douro God Realm at almost three times the previous speed There is no doubt that the collision will be unparalleled Poseidon it's up to you! The Emperor of Heaven once again raised a sentence What the six smart interactive whiteboard gods in the outer circle can do at this time is to go all out to keep in touch with the center of the divine world in which they are located and at the same time pull their divine world towards the established direction Tang San did not open his mouth but took a deep breath and the eyes of the six gods in the inner circle became extremely solidified In this short period of time the Douro God world has shrunk by more than one third compared with before

At this moment only two thirds of the surface of the Douro God world is left and the shield has taken on a sticky amber color Come on make or break it! The six divine realms are getting closer Before they had collided the surface of the Douro divine world had already begun to ripple out one depression after another That is the influence of divine power mapping from terror The smart board whiteboard divine world of Douro feels great pressure and the center of the divine world has begun to tremble slightly which is a prediction of the coming of disaster However at this time they must bear this disaster can the worst come to the worst in this one stroke! Tang San's eyes are full of divine light "ReadyAnd then escape from the black hole with the help of the Big Bang And this process will be extremely dangerous Here it comes!

It's getting closer The whole Douro divine world trembled slightly because of the pressure from the six divine worlds This trembling may be fearful but it is also exciting because whether it can bring new life depends on this collision The collision finally arrived and the terrible impact arrived almost in the next moment! Six divine realms six meteors at the same time from different directions collided with the Douro interactive digital whiteboard divine realm at ththey had lost their hearing and visual abilities in an instant and their eyes were blank That horrible collision can no longer be described as heart-rending

It was a feeling of explosion to the extreme The twelve God kings what they can do now is to subconsciously try their best to export their divine power outward and dare not have half a point of reservation If the center of the divine world on either side is broken smart board interactive whiteboard it will mean the destruction of a divine world! The terrible explosion seemed to last as long as a century and as short as a moment When Tang San finally regained some coness still felt their echo Wake up!

Tang San explodes in the divine consciousness at the same time unreservedly ignites own divine power At this moment he has nothing to care about because once the failure is complete destruction ah! "Hum-" is a divinity becomes clear again a golden figure appears in his oblique rear Tang electronic board for classroom San immediately felt his existence Then there was a strong breath of light that echoed his Shura sword The God of Light Long to connect with the two of them

When his divine consciousness became clear everything around him became clear Tang San was finally able to see the center of the divine world in front of him and the third one to wake up was his good son-in-law Huo Yuhao the God of emotions Huo Yuhao closed his eyes only the vertical eyes on his forehead opened the smartboard for business crazy output of divine consciousness it is by virtue of his sharing of divine consciousness that everything arounan's delight the twelve gods were all there and none of them fell in the explosion

It's just that everyone seems to be in a bad situation The breath of all the gods and kings was a little weak and most of them were not sober Fortngs without super artifacts is a little worse The entity of the divine world has completely disappeared leaving only the dim Douro divine world center in front of the six divine kings in the inner circle of Tang San hsdsmartboard.com

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