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I contracted this little Marquis.

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On the way back Xie Que because of his injuries felt at ease to act as a useless person who stretched out his hands to eat and Lu Jianing appointed him to serve him He put his chin on the top of her head clasped her waist with one hand and pondered 65 inch smart board "Why do I always feel that Mrs Wan looks at you with an unusual expression" Lu Jianing enjoyed the hard-won tranquility His eyelids were half open and half closed He rubbed his chin "Is there" Wce between heaven and earth when he was so annoying

In the evening several people arrived at the cloud city at this time the moon has risen to the sky milk yellow milk yellow emitting a faint light Zheng yuanan drove the carriage on the empty street heading for the direction of the county government When they arrived at the county government office the night watchman went in to inform them Not long after Fu Shuyuan came out Wearing a dress he rubbed 65 inch touch screen his eyes and said in surprise "You're back at last!" After a brief greeting Xie Que came straight to the point and asked "I'll explain to you later what we found in Ningzhou How is the Zhaure and mood the heart tut it seems that this trip to Ningzhou the rapid progress ah

After Xie Que saw Fu Shuyuan's rather meaningful expressioome It's not bad for a while" Fu Shuyuan nodded and then said "After you left Qin Zhen has been sending people to spy on every move of the Zhao family touch screen board classroom especially Chen Shen and Chen Suyin"

They didn't do anything unusual but I heard that the sixth aunt of the Zhao family who had been at odds with Chen Suyin was crazy Lu Jianing was stunned and suddenly remembered the shouts he had heard when he went to the Zhao family and the woman they had pulled down that was not the sixth aunt of the Zhao family Xie Que said in a faint voice "But the news brought back from Ningzhou Prefecture this touch screen whiteboard time is enough to convict Chen Shen" Fu Shuyuan looked at him sideways waiting for his following Xiehen Hong was originally a man who regarded money as his life As long as he was given enough money it was estimated that he would not ask more questions

” "We went to investigate again later and there were smart board touch screen no other suspicious people They either fell into the water or were murdered by close people but the murderer was never found and the Chen brothers and sisters had no motive to kill" Lu Jianing suddenly remembered that the right Chen Suyin's mother was a widow

She married Chen Hong later" Xie Que raised his eyebrows "Interesting you say in this matter the dominant is Chen Shen or Chen Suyin" Fu Shuyuan was stupefied for a moment and then said "Chen Suyin is just a woman in the inner smart boards for conference rooms house Although there is no one in the Zhao family now she has come forward to take charge of the affairs From the outside the shops of the Zhao family are basically managed by Chen Shen" But if really s good can it be" When she was a teenager she married a bad old man as a concubine

At that time her mother should have died right Life and marriage are all arranged by a person like that Don't you hate it "What about the Zhao fd his arms "I see Tomorrow I will arrest Chen Shen first and then go to dig the grave for autopsy I don't believe they can run away" 。 hsdsmartboard.com

17, Ağustos, 2022 Burçlar & Fallar kategorisinde Jorge A. Bolden (300 puan) tarafından soruldu

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