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My powers and magic.

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"Let me tell you." The Star Angel re-materialized the fighting spirit into a white armor. My fighting spirit is different from what you think. My fighting spirit is transformed by magic energy. So even if you melt my fighting spirit, I will be born again. Hee hee, can't you imagine? Thank you for telling me about your great method of transformation just now. I remember it. I don't think I will ever fall into your great method of transformation again. It was the first time Karina had encountered such an enemy, and it was the first time she had heard that fighting spirit was not generated by her own body. It's transformed by magical energy. Wait! Magic energy? So in that case, she is a magician? But how can the magician display such a strong and fierce fighting spirit? It's incredible. The girl in front of her was young, but she put so much pressure on herself. So Karina did her best at the beginning, and even made frequent attacks. Originally thought that she had no power to fight back, but did not think that the enemy is stronger than imagined. Karina couldn't help worrying. Karina smiled when she heard the star angel say that she would not be able to use the Dafa again. How many people who are looking for their own challenges do not know my unique skills? Did they not guard against it? But the result? Are you still defeated by my great method of transformation? The battle between Star Angel and Karina begins again. Now it's Karina's turn to have a hard time. The Star Angel attacks with magic at the beginning. One magic after another, a succession of magic, almost all instantaneous, fire, water, wind, electricity. Karina was overwhelmed and disgraced. Although Karina's golden armor has super defensive power, but in the face of many magic, and all advanced magic, Karina can only do nothing but secretly complain. Although I wanted to get close to the star angel several times, I didn't know what was going on. Every time I got close to the star angel, I disappeared. The only thing waiting for Karina was a large fire magic that appeared at her feet. Fortunately, Karina is very experienced in actual combat, especially in dealing with magicians. (Fighters. Karina was no longer interested,radio shuttle racking, and it seemed that she was looking for a magician to fight to enrich her actual combat experience. She's trying to take away the power of the sorcerer, if she succeeds. That will be a new breakthrough for Hua Gong Dafa. Although the sorcerer's magic is super fast, Karina, with years of experience in actual combat with the sorcerer, can also escape for a while. But if you can avoid one, you can't avoid the second. If you can avoid the second, you can't avoid the third. Star Angel's magic is famous for its weirdness in the divine world, especially her magic is mixed, often several systems of magic are used together, that power is needless to say, burning, push back racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, freezing, electricity, stabbing all the angels in the divine world are complaining. Not even an angel, let alone Karina. Karina was beaten up by the Star Angel. Although Karina is furious, but the speed is not as fast as the star angel of wind magic, and can only stare. This awkward situation continues until.. At this time, the star angel is preparing to give Karina the final blow, the fire system and the wind system of large magic under the idea of the star angel, accompanied by the surge of magic energy is rapidly forming. Where's Karina? Her seventh sense also felt this and wanted to stop it, but several continuous tornadoes blocked the way, around and around, in all directions, and could not be cracked for a while. Karina secretly frightened: "This magician's magic is really unheard of, never seen ah, not only many, but also for the strong.". Especially now, I can hardly dodge. Am I, Karina, really this time. "Go!"! My 9984th new magic ~ "Star Angel shouted, wind magic mixed with fire magic together to attack Karina trapped in the middle of several tornadoes.". Hot air flowing all over the sky ~ Powerful energy ~ Karina rushed recklessly to the tornado beside her. With a bang, the tornado immediately bounced Karina back. He rushed three times with all his strength, and all three times he was bounced back. By this time, the magic of the Star Angel had arrived. Karina closed her eyes. It's over. At the moment when Karina closed her eyes, her waist suddenly tightened. The wind whistling in my ears reminds me of.. Chapter 263-I am not a Demon. By the time Karina opened her eyes again, the tornadoes around her had disappeared, the new magic of the Star Angel had disappeared, and there was a man standing smiling in front of her-You Yitian! Obviously, it was you who saved himself one day. Karina was about to say thank you when the Star Angel came after her. Magic comes before man. These three kinds of magic are "messy fire", "purple electricity" and "tornado". Looking at these three kinds of magic with extremely high wave frequency, you can be sure that although these three kinds of magic are intermediate magic, but the power has far exceeded the power of an intermediate magic. That is to say, if this is hit, even the golden fighter will have to peel off his skin. Looking at the little burns on Karina's rabbit-shaped gold suit, the stab wounds were more proof of this. Intermediate magic can cast the power of advanced magic, which is enough to surprise you one day, but even more surprising is that this star angel can cast three different magic at the same time! Apart from the explanation that she was crazy,industrial racking systems, you could not think of any other explanation for a day! Yes, the Star Angel is mad, a magic madman! A magic maniac who can cast three spells at the same time! A magic maniac who can cast three spells at the same time and control them! How to deal with the magic of the Star Angel. kingmoreracking.com

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