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Infinite Samsara Horror Full txt Download

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Meng Xiang unloaded the power of Qinglong's blow into the earth, which made the earth shake. It can be seen that the power of Shenlong's swinging dragon is far stronger than Meng Xiang's. This is Meng Xiang's expectation. The tail of the blue dragon was Meng Xiang's heavy blow, but also can not be safe and sound, the huge body of the dragon, was shaken trembling, full swaying back hundreds of meters, before stopping the retreat. Qinglong, who had eaten the sweetness, raised his head and shouted loudly, "Ao Ao", which seemed to celebrate his revenge. Meng Xiang snorted coldly, bent his knees slightly, and with a "whoosh", he jumped into the sky again, flew to the front of Qinglong like a rocket, pulled up his right fist, which contained a wide range of atomic tearing attacks, and expanded to 10 meters in an instant. This time, Meng Xiang tried his best to compete with Qinglong. If you can't knock down Qinglong with your fist, even if Meng Xiang can hurt it with Tianjing, he can't slay it. Blue Dragon's leather is as hard as a magic weapon, atomic level attack, can not be killed by one blow, only a wide range of atomic tear attacks, there is a chance to overwhelm Blue Dragon. Qinglong is the most ambitious, facing Meng Xiang's attack,shuttle rack system, naturally facing the enemy head-on, it swings its body again, Shenlong swings the dragon, and appears again. Whoosh. . Boom !” The more shocking sound spread for tens of kilometers, all the monsters who heard the blow could not help but tremble with fear, not to mention helping the battle, even the courage to watch the battle was lost, and they flew away from the place where the war broke out. This time there was no broken void, and even the space cracks that had just appeared were swallowed up by Meng Xiang's all-out attack on a wide range of atoms. Moreover, after the last horror film,wire mesh decking, Meng Xiang has stepped into the threshold of potential lock level 5, which is one step away from breaking through. In addition, this month's hard work at the top of Kunlun Mountain has brought the degree of driving energy to the extreme. If converted into the degree of brain potential development, it will reach at least 85%. As long as Meng Xiang enters Godzilla again, or focuses on the life and death experience of potential lock breakthrough, he can break through 100%, but he listens to Fang Ru's persuasion, in order to avoid the team encountering more difficult horror films again, he deliberately stops here. Nevertheless, his strength has also been consolidated, just like the original Huangfuyu, even if it has been hovering in the depth of micro-level, the strength is still growing, once the breakthrough to the potential lock level 5, the strength will not be under any strong. Large-scale atomic-level attacks devour and tear the dragon's tail and the energy emitted by the collision. Under the bombardment of the atomic tearing force, the leather on which Qinglong relies for defense is like wax in the fire, constantly melting and exploiting. The dragon monster gave a cry and retreated like the wind, swinging its tail and dripping with blood. Meng Xiang's blow has broken the leather of Qinglong. Although it can't hurt the leather, mobile racking systems ,asrs warehouse, it's only a matter of time before Qinglong fails. Qinglong kept screaming, and the expression oozing from his face was no longer anger, but fear. However, it has a spirit on the other side, and when it is slightly downwind, it will no longer dig a tough battle, but turn the dragon head and fly away. The last time Meng Xiang was a passive counterattack, but this time, he killed Qinglong wholeheartedly, how could he let it flee? Three times faster than the speed of sound, Meng Xiang left the observation range of Xuantianzong and Mufeier in an instant and disappeared into space. Meng Xiang is so powerful? Is he a man or a God? Far away in the Kunlun Mountains, Xuantianzong constantly changed the observation direction of Nanming from the fire, and finally captured Meng Xiang and Qinglong again in the sky 5 kilometers away. Hee hee, Brother Meng is only a man, but he has more power than God. Mufeier sincerely admires and admires, although the relationship between her and Meng Xiang has always been warm, but she is a contented person, already intoxicated in happiness. Yes, only God has this power. I also want to see the world outside the universe, when the monster incident is over, I must fly up in the daytime and roam the vast world. Xuan Tianzong muttered to himself. But at this moment, Meng Xiang and Qinglong's battle is still going on. Although Qinglong's speed exceeds the speed of sound, this giant can't get rid of Meng Xiang's entanglement. At this time, Meng Xiang, after some tests before, is finally serious now. One punch and one sword, each blow is a wide range of atomic tearing attacks, which makes Qinglong miserable. "Boom!" Qinglong's lower jaw was cut by Meng Xiang's sword, and a wide range of atomic tearing attacks tore the leather of the dragon's neck for more than ten meters, and the "rustling" dragon's blood dripped like rain. Meng Xiang had been prepared and immediately took out a big basin and took the dragon's blood. "" Qinglong, frightened and frightened, completely lost the spirit of war, Hu Chonglu luàn hit, full of thoughts to get rid of Meng Xiang's entanglement. Meng Xiang now breaks out the time limit of the first level of Lingju extended to more than 30 seconds, so that his confidence in a protracted war is greatly enhanced, his speed is far better than Qinglong, not to mention Qinglong's huge body, too easy to become the target of attack, and Meng Xiang in the eyes of Qinglong, like a small mosquito, but also a small mosquito several times faster than it, if Meng Xiang does not compete with it head-on, Qinglong can not hit Meng Xiang's body. "" The blue dragon roared again, opened his big mouth, and the flames of the black sè were no different from those of Lu luànshè, intending to win in Lu luàn. Although the black flame can burn everything, it is not difficult for Meng Xiang to resist the flame in a short time because of his aura defense and body protection. His gas llàng soared, atomic level attack energy storm, abruptly blasted the black flame burning all things out of a channel, he came out of nowhere, murderous look soared, more like the devil than the devil. Boom! Meng Xiang's Tianjing cut the wound where Qinglong's lower jaw lost its leather protection, directly hitting Qinglong's protective energy. Without the protection of leather, Qinglong can only compete with Meng Xiang's strength with atomic energy. However, Meng Xiang is no longer a test. Every blow is a large-scale atomic tearing attack. How can Qinglong's protective energy resist? With a "swish" sound, the dragon's neck cracked, but what made Meng Xiang feel strange was that he could not cut off the dragon's neck by cutting it open with a wide range of atomic tearing attacks from Tianjing. Crash.. When the dragon's blood poured out,warehouse storage racks, Meng Xiang immediately put away all the suspected blood, raised the big basin, and poured the dragon's blood into the space bag one after another. jracking.com

9, Eylül, 2022 Lise kategorisinde Auntudgeou (300 puan) tarafından soruldu

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