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The fish is in the pot.

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Zhou Zhao looked around in his trouser pocket. The first wife pointed to the small basket beside her and said, "My pickled radish is tasty. Don't you like hot and sour things?"? Bring it for you to taste. "Thank you for taking such good care of me!" Meng Jian smiled and took her hand and invited her to sit down. "I haven't eaten these pickled things for a long time, and no one at home eats them. I'm greedy!" Zhou Zhao sat on the sofa at random and said, "It's because I know you are a foodie that I want to send you. My sports car worth tens of millions of yuan will send you sour radish. You can imagine your treatment!" Meng Jian smiled and pushed the brewed tea in front of him. "It seems that you spent a lot of oil, so thank you, Mr. Zhou!" "Who can't say thank you?" "How do you want me to thank you?" Zhou Zhao pulled up the corners of his mouth and smiled. "I heard you're a good cook. Show off your skills at dinner?" Big too glared at him, say reproachfully: "Let pregnant woman cook, you are to have a few big face?" "It's all right. Mr. Zhou is going to serve you well. It's rare to come here once. I'm bored!" Meng Jian waved his hand and raised his eyebrows to Zhou Zhao with a smile. "Seeing is believing. Today I'll let you taste whether the little girl is undeserved or not!" "Then I'll wait and see!" Zhou Zhao leaned back on the back of the sofa, crossed his legs, and said leisurely. The three of them chatted, and time passed quickly. Zhou Zhao was too lazy to listen to their child-rearing topics. He pulled out his ears and said, "Mom, didn't you say you were going to borrow something from Meng Jian?" The first wife smiled shyly and said, "It's really embarrassing to open your mouth so bluntly." "You say, you say!" Meng Jian said with a smile. My distant niece, Zhou Zhao's eldest cousin, has been married for seven years without children. She looked at Meng Jian's stomach with a smile and said lovingly,side impact door beams, "I've checked everywhere, and I've seen doctors take a lot of Western medicine and Chinese medicine, but it doesn't work.". This is not, I heard that there is a folk prescription in the countryside, borrowing a pregnant woman's clothes to wear can bring'pregnant 'gas, I do not know whether this is accurate or not.. Zhou Zhao sneers, "this kind of thing also believes?"? Nonsense! The first wife glanced at him and said,stainless steel tube 304, "You don't know how hard it is to give birth. You'd rather believe it than believe it.." She turned to look at Meng Jian and said, "You are the only one of the lucky pregnant girls around me." Have the cheek to beg you for a dress! Meng Chien twisted her neck uncomfortably and asked someone else to wear the clothes she had worn. She was really uncomfortable. It was the first wife who had always been very good to her, and it was really hard to refuse, so Meng Chien had to agree. Oh, yes, it has to be the clothes you wore before you were pregnant, preferably the ones you always wear. Embarrassed, the first wife patted her hand. "My niece has a hard life. Because she has no children, she has suffered a lot of sour words from her husband's family and outsiders. You pity her. Don't think I'm abrupt." "It's all right. I'll ask the servant to look for it." Meng Jian pulled out a difficult smile. Zhou Zhao in the side feel is simply nonsense, but look at the mother's serious appearance is not good to hit her old man's face, the key is Meng Jian agreed that he naturally has nothing to say. Dinner Meng Jian showed a skill, Zhou Mingshen did not come back, plastic pallet manufacturer ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, the three of them can not eat much, four dishes and one soup, enough! A chicken with scallion oil, a steamed crucian carp, an eight-treasure tofu and a spring sprout shrimp sauce mixed with tofu, plus a pot of tomato and potato soup, there are meat and vegetables, cold and hot, although the dishes are few but properly matched, delicious and refreshing, so that Zhou Zhao, a picky ghost, had to give her a thumbs-up. You're really good. You really save money for my uncle! Zhou Zhao wiped his mouth and threw down his napkin. Meng Jian looked at the empty plate he had swept away and said, "It seems that I misjudged your appetite. I thought you were used to eating rich clothes and jade food and didn't like my regular dishes. I didn't expect.." Tut, tut! Zhou Zhao blushed and gave her the back of her head. The first wife was also full of praise for Meng Jian and said bluntly, "No wonder the second uncle doesn't go back to the old house for dinner. It's better at home!" Meng Jian bowed his head and made a shy gesture. Zhou Zhao probably ate too much. He looked at Meng Jian's "shy" expression and had some pantothenic acid in his stomach. Chapter 47 We In the middle of the night, Meng Jian woke up with pain because of a cramp in her calf. She touched the position beside her, and it was cool. She turned on the lamp and sat up, feeling for her cell phone in a daze. At three o'clock in the morning, he hasn't come home yet. Meng Jian went downstairs in his coat, and the empty house was dark. She carefully pressed the switch on the corridor, the orange light came on, and the square inch where she stood finally warmed up. A glass of water was poured from the kitchen, and she sat down at the table and gulped down half of it. Meng Jian rubbed his painful calf and took out his cell phone to play games. The little crocodile takes a bath, and she never gets tired of it. When there was a glimmer of light on the opposite side, she realized that she had been sitting here for two hours, and now it was half past five in the morning. The servants began to get up one after another to clean the yard and the house, and she gently picked up her cell phone and went upstairs. I'm afraid they will be very frightened to see her sitting all night. She couldn't sleep any more. She stared at the ceiling and rolled her eyes. Where did he go? There was no phone call and no explanation, so he didn't return all night. Meng Jian turned over and pressed the quilt, tilted her head, and closed her eyes. Thinking and thinking, thinking about whether he went to find another woman, thinking about whether he had a big event in the company, thinking that he was drunk again, so he didn't have time to explain. Think too much, brows a loose, actually fell asleep. No matter what kind of guess, Meng Jian only felt cool in her heart, so she was not such an important person. Originally,aluminium coated steel tube, she is still a million miles away from his world, originally, silent will make people so uncomfortable. She slowly loosened her grip on the phone and fell into a deep sleep. binpallet.com

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