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After dressing as an ex-wife [system]

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"Tut, looks very thin, the result took off his clothes or no meat," Cheng Fangwu unscrupulously humiliated Tian Xiangyang, "I said, your figure can be well practiced, you see Cui Jingfeng is very good, is it because he is the reason for the attack? Can't you stand your little body? What attack does not attack, Tian Xiangyang does not understand at all, he felt that the woman in front of him was too evil, pulled the quilt to cover up the two people, "you get out of here!"! I'll kill you! "Cheng Gang, come out, someone wants to hit your wife," Cheng Fangwu in the hands of the camera did not stop, change the angle of Cui Jingfeng's face also took a clear, "Cui Jingfeng? Do you seem to have graduated from Capital Medical University? In order not to expose the homosexual love with Tian Xiangyang, Tian Xiangyang deliberately gave up the opportunity to stay in the provincial capital and came to our capital. Cheng Fangwu satisfied with the two shocked faces on the bed, and pressed the shutter a few times, Cui Jingfeng's hand is still in the field Xiangyang naked/dew on the shoulder, this posture is very good, "you two really love each other that is your business, but, pit other people's daughter, give you when the shield that is your wicked." Cheng Gang has come out of the cabinet, in front of two men with bare arms and bare legs, he simply dare not open his eyes,plastic pallet crates, "you, you are too shameless, hurry to put on your clothes!" Cheng Fangwu has already taken almost, "well, put on clothes and come out to talk, really hot eyes, go back to wash eyes." Tian Xiangyang looked at Cheng Gang holding a bamboo pole. "Did you come in early in the morning and wait?"? Just to catch us? Didn't you say that? You wait, "Cheng Fangwu saw Cui Jingfeng already dressed, and casually pressed the shutter a few times," how can I let you down? Tian Xiangyang,plastic pallet manufacturer, I told you very clearly at that time. Unfortunately, you couldn't understand the mallet. I wanted to leave a line for you, but I couldn't. Cheng Gang looks at the fruit body of two men, disgusting overnight meal almost did not spit out, "put on the clothes!"! If you don't wear it, I'll call someone! Tian Xiangyang, why are you so wicked? You like men and marry my sister? Let my sister sleep in the outhouse? You are not a person in such a cold day! Cheng Gang shook the bamboo pole in his hand, one did not hold back, and swung it to Tian Xiangyang, "I'll kill you!" Cui Jingfeng, oh, pounced on Cheng Gang. "Why did you hit him? It's not that he wants to marry your sister. It's that your sister wants to marry him. Those bitches can't see a good-looking man, like a fly, pouncing on a man all day long!" "Beat him, beat him to death, beat him to death and I'll pay for it!" Cheng Fangwu was almost mad. He was about to hit Cui Jingfeng on the head with the camera in his hand. "I was going to let you go. It seems that my heart is too soft. You are a bitch. Your wife is still pregnant. In the future, your daughter will also find a man like you. That is the present newspaper!" The camera in Cheng Fangwu's hand is all copper, but if it goes down, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet crates, it will kill people. The system is in a hurry. "Stop it!"! Cheng Fangwu! Cheng Fangwu looked at his hand straight up in the sky, just can not press down, just calm down, "cough, I know, I will not make a fool again!" Cui Jingfeng has a white face, "how do you know?" He didn't dare to tell Tian Xiangyang about his wife's pregnancy. "Who are you?" He had been thinking about how to grab the camera from the woman's hand, but now he dared not. Tian Xiangyang has already exploded, "Jingfeng, did you lie to me?" "Well, he lied to you. His wife is not like my second sister. You drove her to sleep in the outhouse for three years without mentioning a word to anyone. Her wife spoke directly. If he couldn't do it, she would take him to the hospital. If he couldn't be cured in the hospital, he would divorce directly." Cheng Fangwu did not hide the contempt on his face. Even without them, the couple would not grow up in the future. "Let's go outside and wait, you two, put on your clothes and come out, today's thing must have an account, otherwise," Cheng Fangwu shook his camera, "I don't send this thing to the street, send it to the police station, a crime of hooliganism is appropriate." Smiling, he looked at the dog man with two blue faces, who did not know whether he was frightened or frozen. "Now the country is cracking down on him. Maybe, 'bang', give each of you a peanut and make a pair of Mandarin ducks with the same fate to go to the afterlife." …… "Ah, how do you know so clearly ah," out of the house, Cheng Gang immediately sat beside Cheng Fangwu, "that person surnamed Cui? You knew his wife was pregnant? Cheng Fangwu said, "My brother has a classmate in Pingshi, I sent him a telegram, asked him to help check," Cheng Fangwu lowered his voice, "he is doing that, Ann/overall situation.." "Er," really has this unit, Cheng Gang worships looking at Cheng Fangwu, "Naimei, you are really awesome!" "That is," Cheng Fangwu proudly handed the camera in his hand to Cheng Gang, "look, if the things inside are gone, we will come in vain today." Cheng Gang immediately hung the camera around his neck and hugged it tightly. "You can rest assured that you just talk to them and I will keep the camera." These people are so bad and disgusting that they must be severely punished! Cheng Fangwu they waited outside for half an hour, listening to the inside is still arguing in a low voice, Cheng Fangwu can not wait, his son is still at home, "ah, I said, your business, wait for us to leave you again!"! Come out quickly, or we will leave and you will think about the consequences! The negotiation was made by Tian Xiangyang. "Come on, what do you want?" Cheng Fangwu is not wordy, the conditions discussed early in the morning, "the requirements are not high, here is a pen and paper, you write a confession, on the line." Tian Xiangyang was already livid with anger. He thought the Cheng family just wanted him to treat Cheng Ling well in the future, and then keep a husband and wife life with Cheng Ling and let her have a child. Unexpectedly,collapsible pallet box, the Cheng family was so cruel that they not only had to divorce on the grounds of their impotence, but also had to pay compensation and write a confession? "Don't go too far. If you push too hard, you'll break the net!" 。 binpallet.com

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