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Mad God Mad God

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"Great, I didn't expect that someone in that world would beg me so sincerely, and he firmly abandoned his body and soul.". Very well, this energy of dedication made me feel very comfortable, and I also took a look at the other world through his request. Lucifer, the man who asked for my strength has your breath in him. It seems that you have a lot of followers in the other world. In the underworld, the great demon God Lucifer, who is second only to the king of the underworld in power, flapped his six black wings and bowed forward, saying, "All creatures who believe in darkness and death are your most faithful followers." In his heart, he scolded the fallen angel, and the taboo he used added some foreign energy to Hades, the king of the underworld, and the hope of replacing him was even more slim. Hades was obviously happy and did not notice Lucifer's look. "Well, you're right. I didn't notice anything unusual about this devotee, but I was surprised by the opponent he had to deal with." Lucifer was stunned and asked, "What kind of creature can surprise you?" Hades frowned, and Junwei's face showed a trace of imperceptible confusion: "Do you believe it?"? The last blow of your disciple, who used my power, was taken by his opponent. "What?" Lucifer exclaimed? In the other world,Flush Retrofit Kit, someone can take over one in ten thousand of your power, although only one in ten thousand, but that is already quite amazing. Hades nodded and said, "Yes, I'm surprised, too. The human in the front is full of powerful life forces. At the same time, he has the energy of you and Diomandus. It's not strong, but it makes me feel strange." With a gloomy look on his face,Prison toilet for sale, Lucifer silently said, "Theomandus, are you in that other world?"? Do you know how much I miss you? With a flash of gray, Hades appeared in front of Lucifer. "Don't hold out any hope. It was impossible for Diomandus to survive a full blow from the three archangels. You should know that better than I do.". You know, we signed a truce with the Protoss more than two thousand years ago not to go to the other world. I don't want to start a war between the gods and the underworld again because of you. After all, we are not ready yet. You should practice more when you are free. "Yes, my Lord," said Lucifer, bowing. Although he promised, was Lucifer really so obedient? He escaped from the Protoss to the underworld. One of the five archangels, the charming angel Raphael, who could not use any words to describe his appearance, stood respectfully in the center of the temple, flapping six snow-white wings. Lord God King, just now I suddenly felt that the power of the keeper had invaded the other world. I don't know if it's a sign that the underworld is going to invade. I hereby report to you. A soft voice came from the innermost white boundary of the temple: "Rafael, push button toilet flush valve ,Service Sink Faucets, you worry too much. I also feel the breath of the keeper. But it's just that someone in the other world borrowed a little of his power. You don't have to worry." "I've been at peace with the underworld for so many years, but I always have a bad feeling," Rafael said worriedly. The soft voice came again: "I will pay attention to them. In another eight years, it will be a three-thousand-year battle between the two worlds. You should prepare well and pay more attention to each other's movements. At the same time, you should tell Gabriel to keep an eye on our little princess. There must be no mistakes. My lovely daughter is our hope to defeat the underworld." Yes, my Lord. I'll excuse myself. "Mmm." The God King looked at the figure of Rafael leaving and said to himself, "Who will be sent by the Demon World?"? The keeper doesn't have a son. Daughter, you must not let me down! I slowly woke up from my coma and felt that my whole body was soft and had no strength. Pan Zong's excited voice: "Ah!"! Lei Xiang, you finally woke up. I opened my eyes, and the nine snakeheads of Pan Zong gathered around me and stared at me carefully. Jin Yin and Meng Ke also ran over. Jin asked eagerly, "Ray, how do you feel?"? Is there anything else uncomfortable? I understood that he was asking me if I had a dark injury. I concentrated on examining my body. The dark magic was entrenched in my Yin Hall. Although some energy was insufficient, it was still very active. The fighting spirit of the mad gods was very weak. I could only feel a trace of their breath in the Dantian. But I believed that with my practice, it would not take too long to return to the original state. So I shook my head and said, "Don't worry, I can't die.". After a period of time, it will be fully recovered. "Thank you, Lei Xiang," said Pan Zong excitedly. I reluctantly raised my hand to stop him from going on. "Don't say it if you are a brother. This is what I should do. If it is exchanged, I believe you will do the same, won't you?" Pan Zong nodded solemnly and said, "When you blocked the attack for me, I knew I had another most sincere brother. I, Pan Zong, will treat you as the best brother in the future. No matter what difficulties there are, let our brothers go together." I nodded happily and said, "Yes, no difficulty can stop us. My brothers, I have finally avenged most of you.". Moyue, you wait for me, you owe me, I will let you double back. Jin suddenly said, "How about we become sworn brothers? Anyway, we are all brothers. Isn't it better to have more names?" "That's a good proposal," said Pan Zongxi. In the future, we will be three brothers, sharing happiness and suffering together. Silver is not satisfied, pout way: "What is 3 brothers, do I do not have share?" Pan Zong hastened to laugh and said, "Yes, yes, how can I miss you?". Then four brothers and sisters. I shook my head and said, "No, it's the five brothers and sisters, and Mengke." Mengke immediately opened his mouth wide: "I, how can I?"? Young master, I am your bodyguard. I smiled at him and said,Concealed Flush Valve, "But you are also my brother. Of all the brothers, you are the only one who survived. I promised Worf that I would take good care of you. That's it. Do you have any opinions?" "Of course not," Kim said with a smile. "Let's start now." "Is it right here?" Mengke asked in surprise. 。 cnkexin.com

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