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Buddha-like female companion teaches scum to be a man

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Lin Moying said thoughtfully, "It's hard to describe the connection."? Induction? The nearer I came to it, the more I felt the waves of your secret powers, and even guessed your moods; in the afternoon, as my sister did, and then the scum came in and felt the same, but not before he came into your room. Ning Yiyi reacts very quickly: "That kind of 'feeling', and the Xuan Ran elder sister that you hear when coma talks, be very similar?" "Like." Both of them (the cat) were silent for a while. Then, Ning Yiyi said with some uncertainty, "I have an immature idea. This tripod connects the four of us together. Then, when we were in a coma, it played a role without outside interference. Do you think so?" Although there was one thing she didn't understand: why was she the only one who couldn't control her inner thoughts? Also, I always feel that something has been neglected by her. Lin Moying thought about it carefully and expressed his appreciation: "Human, you are very smart, very good." "Ning Yiyi was speechless." Oh, thank you for your appreciation. " The cry of the Great Immortal made Lin Moying squint comfortably and raise his head: "Well, then you should study more. This thing is very useful. It will be of great use in the future. I'll give you a credit." Ning Yiyi: "Oh." You don't have to say. Lin Moying patted the soil: "Is it all right?"? It's all right. I'll go back. I'm going to accompany my sister. Goodbye. "Etc." Lin Moying gave a meow, and before Ning Yiyi could react, he retracted into a cat-like shape and ran away. Smelly cat. Ning Yiyi muttered, suddenly remembered, how can this Mo Mo be so sister controlled? She wrote the setting? Also, what did Mo Mo do to Lin Xuanran after he became a person every night? Remembering that the kitten was too weak to make a sound even when communicating with her consciousness, just listening to Lin Xuanran's words rippled with happiness, she estimated that it was just looking at Lin Xuanran at the bedside. It's getting late. Lin Xuanran has the habit of reading at night. Han Zili is probably leaving soon. Ning Yiyi stood up and pushed the door out. Good evening, Big Brother. Han Zili smiled, "Good evening, Younger Martial Sister.". If you don't have much rest to recover from your injuries, will you come out at this time? Ning Yiyi looked at him quietly: "Well, as you said last time, you need to be in a good mood to recover." "I wonder why Younger Martial Sister is upset?"? Is there anything I can do to help my brother? Ning Yiyi carefully explored his expression and tone of voice, strangely feeling as if there was less oil, as if there was something different. Anyway, it's not realistic to turn over a new leaf just because you've been scolded. Ning Yiyi threw out a mess of ideas and replied, "It's just that I feel uneasy.". I'm coming out now because I have something to say to you. Chapter 21 we are just ordinary friends. Ning Yiyi looked up at Han Zili's eyes and said, "Elder Martial Brother, the ideas between you and me are quite different. It's not a few words that can change rashly.". In the corridor of the Demon Sect that day, I was so excited that I said too much and started fighting. I felt very sorry. Han Zili was stunned. Ning Yiyi continued: This is one of them. Second, heavy duty warehouse rack , after a barrier, thanks to your help, I can break through, otherwise I am afraid I would have broken there, so I, I want to thank you. "That's not necessary," said Han Zili hurriedly. "It's right to help people when they are in danger. Since we are people who cultivate immortals and have extraordinary abilities, and we have the opportunity to come here to practice, we have to take some responsibility, don't we?" A vicious Scorpio, a stallion man who shows mercy everywhere, once again feels that his understanding of the role seems to be too one-sided. Not to mention you. This made Ning Yiyi feel nervous: "Elder Martial Brother, don't say this again. Sister Xuan Ran really likes you. Can you live up to her like this?"? What do you think? God, if she goes on like this, will she give Han Zili a slap in the face again? "I," Han Zi Li stopped talking and said after a moment, "I don't know." Uh? Progress! Remembering that Han Zili said the word "entertainment" lightly at that time, Ning Yiyi felt a little relieved and decided to continue to guide the role he wrote, crying to finish teaching. She and Han Zili walked slowly along the mountain road in the moonlight without speaking for a moment. Finally, she said, "Elder Martial Brother, although I apologize for my inappropriate words and know that everyone has different ideas, your casual attitude towards others, especially women, is wrong in any case." If you are just an ordinary man who can't get out of a field all his life, then if you really don't change your mind, just forget it. But you are not. You are the elder brother of Qingyin Peak of Tianyuan Sect. You have high talent, strong ability and good mind. If you practice hard, you will be able to make a career in the future. As you said, if you are here to take responsibility, then your shortcomings will have serious consequences. She carefully observed Han Zili's expression. Well, it's not a big problem. He's listening. He's not a bad person to the bone. After making sure that he would not lose sight of the sun tomorrow, Ning Yiyi went on to say, "I want to help you as a friend.". Elder Martial Brother, you and Sister Xuan Ran are very kind to me, so I hope to solve this pile of difficulties, and don't always make people misunderstand. "Friend?" Said Han Zili with a smile? Okay, then you give me an analysis from the perspective of a'friend '? There was distrust in his tone, as if he were watching how Ning Yiyi could jump. Ning Yiyi was not annoyed either: "Then I will spread it out and make it clear. If you don't want to say it, or if you have any objection, don't hold it back. I will never say these words outside, Elder Martial Brother. Can I take the liberty to ask, how do you feel about Sister Xuan Ran?" Han Zili was stunned. Just when Ning Yiyi thought he couldn't speak, he unexpectedly answered: "I don't feel anything. I just don't want to make trouble. It's better to have her than to be alone, so I don't have to be criticized by others." Ning Yiyi grasped the key words keenly: "Will you be criticized if you are alone?" "Not all.". I'm used to it anyway. Han Zili is obviously reluctant to say more. omracking.com

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