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Cute Wife: Uncle, I Was Wrong

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Wang Bin was so angry that he stammered: "You, how can you be like this?" "Ha, I'm joking with you. You are so funny. By the way, remember to close the door for me when you come out." She came out slowly and couldn't help looking at the opposite side habitually. By this time, Wang Bin had closed the door and came out with a serious look. But Ou Shitong grinned and was not afraid of him at all. Instead, he continued to ask, "You don't have a family?"? I think you are already thirty years old? Haven't found the right person yet? What are you looking for? There are many beauties in our company. Let me introduce them to you. Standing in the elevator, Wang Bin stood upright and said coldly, "Introduce someone to me?"? Just trying to undercut me. I went to the law firm with my mentor, and I won't be poached by you. Ou Shitong tutted and said, "I think you misunderstood a little. I don't know how good you are as a lawyer, but-" She looked at him sideways, her eyes shining: "I think your ability to work is simply excellent. I will be your matchmaker in the future. If you don't often come to clean up for me, I won't be complained by that perverted neighbor." When Wang Bin heard this, his face was as black as the bottom of a pot. Yelled at her, "You wish!" By this time, the elevator had already gone down to the first floor. He went downstairs angrily. Ou Shitong shouted in the back,Theobromine Powder, "Why are you so easily angry? Ah, there is something to discuss." Half an hour later, they sat in a Western restaurant, and Ou Shitong kicked his feet. Looking at the night rain outside, in fact, she hates the rain,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, because looking at the raindrops rolling down on the glass, it always reminds people of the tears that can not be shed all night. So she turned away from the rain and looked at the serious face that could make her feel a little better. Lawyer Wang, do you think the man opposite me will make trouble for me again? Wang Bin saw that she finally said something, so he reluctantly agreed: "As long as you don't pile up garbage in the future.". I'm sure I won't complain again. "But he doesn't come back very much. Every time I go home, I see it. It's not popular at all. That man doesn't come one day a month. Why does he care so much about me?" Ou Shitong is indignant. Wang Bin rolled his eyes: "People who do not often live does not mean that they do not live, and your house is so dirty and messy, he is also in charge of you for your own good, living in that environment for a long time will get sick." Ou Shitong's eyes were blurred by his scolding, and no one had scolded her like that for many years. She laughed so that the lawyer opposite was puzzled and looked at her with caring and mentally retarded eyes. Who the hell is it? Is the person opposite very awesome? She snorted disdainfully. Unexpectedly, Wang Bin replied seriously, "Miss Ou, don't think that if I don't say it, D BHB Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, I just don't see it. You want to get the name of the client who sued you from me at the beginning of tonight.". As I said, I am a very professional lawyer, and I will never tell you. Ou Shitong: "…" "Oh, don't be so fierce. Why don't you tell me his last name?" Instead of being frightened, she had to push her luck. Chapter 76 hatred of the rich. After all, Ou Shitong failed to find out the identity of the abnormal neighbor from Wang Bin's mouth, but it did not mean that she did not have a little guess. But time is too tight for her to think about it. With the consent of the Chinese side in Dubai, Ou Shitong needs to meet the prince of Dubai who presides over all this. I have flown to Dubai three times, but I haven't seen the prince for a long time. Gu's family is a local snake in a city, but it is ordinary outside. Not to mention the prince of Dubai, even the Pei family in the capital can only please them. This is what she used to know in the Lin family, as an ordinary citizen, but, looking back, it was also in the Lin family. More carefree. Not to say that she had a good life in the Lin family, but when she was in the Lin family, she was a silly white sweet, even if she was bullied and felt like a relative, she would not take it to heart, in fact, she lived a peaceful and comfortable life. Looking back, if Lin Jin hadn't fallen in love with Gu Enron, she might have been able to end her life quietly. When flying to Dubai for the fourth time, Ou Shitong saw the figure of a person, and his pupils tightened. She threw her luggage to Xu Yan ran and chased her out alone. Lin Jinhuai! In the crowded and noisy airport hall, the sound of her call was particularly clear, but the person hurried into the crowd and disappeared. Xu Yanran followed her breathlessly and looked at her sideways: "Is that bastard Lin Jinhuai really here?" Ou Shitong shook his head. "I don't know. I just think his back looks like that." Xu Yan ran smiled: "You should be wrong, if I am Lin Jinhuai can escape, will never come back." Ou Shitong shook his head. "You don't understand. He's a filial son. He won't leave his mother behind." Finish saying, just feel on the body a burst of cold, she rubbed next door of goose pimples, shrug: "Perhaps I am really misread?" "General Manager Gu, General Manager Gu-did you talk about the castle project when you went to France this time?" A group of reporters rushed past them and met the exit. Ou Shitong was hit by one of the men with a big camera and almost fell down. Xu Yan ran is angry to scold a sentence: "Return TV station, with respect to this quality?!!" Ou Shitong herself didn't care. She looked at the time and said, "We have to go in quickly, or we won't be able to catch the plane." There's only a nonstop flight from downtown a to Dubai at 12:02 p.m. The voice over there was white-hot, as if some great star had come out. Ou Shitong couldn't help looking at it curiously. It is this glance that is facing the figure of Gu Shaobei. Today, he is wearing a navy blue windbreaker with a sweater and casual pants underneath. His almost perfect face seems to shine in the lights of the airport, attracting the eyes of a circle of female workers around him. Those quiet black eyes,Kava Root Extract, with calm and complacent, he has now become the favored son of heaven. Although maintaining the relationship with Gu Jia, it has long been different from the past. pioneer-biotech.com

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