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She quickly got up to freshen up and ran to the tree to have a look Sure enough a few pink and white flowers appeared among the dense green leaves with white tender cores and yellow stamens inside Aunt Zheng told her that when the flower fell it would grow pods shaped like lentils The beans inside were red in color when they were ripe and would not change color for many years That was the famous acacia bean Yu Wanqiu stood under the tree for a long time The acacia tree blossomed Will the person she missed come back today to celebrate her birthday with her When Aunt Lan saw her staring at the door in a trance she came over and said "Even if you come back you won't be so early You'd better go into the house and wait" Aunt Zheng went up to her and said "Today I have prepared egg porridge Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket soy sauce cakes dragon intestines preserved lotus leaf rice for the young lady The desserts are taro and job's tears dew rose soup and the appetizers are fried sour bamboo shoots" Without waiting for her to finish Yu Wanqiu shook her head with a smile "How can I eat so much It's enough to do two or three things every morning"

"The young lady has a small appetite" said Mrs Cheng "If you cook a few more things and taste each one you'll always be able to eat some" "Well now that you've done it bring it" Aunt Zheng promised to go down and Yu Wanqiu helped the two maids walk back to the inner courtyard Looking at the table full of breakfast she first asked Mingxiang to scoop up half a bowl of sweet taro and job's tears dew and then pushed it away after drinking two mouthfuls Aunt Zheng stood outside the door with her sister-in-law Ma who was in charge of cooking Seeing this she asked nervously "Does it taste bad" When Yu Wanqiu didn't reply Aunt Lan came over and added a bowl of egg porridge to her and said "Then don't eat sweet food Drink some salty porridge first" Yu Wanqiu looked at the nurse in a small voice as if afraid of startling someone "Mom I seem to have an attack" "What" Aunt Lan was so flustered that she almost dropped the porridge bowl "Isn't it time yet" Aunt Zheng was calmer than she was "It's almost the same It should have been early next month" Yu Wanqiu told them "It started to hurt just now under the red bean tree This is the second time" After the maids were stunned for a moment they immediately split up and the whole Red Bean Hospital suddenly entered a state of tension and three doctors and two women came quickly When everyone was busy the puerpera became the most leisurely and comfortable person actually holding a book leaning on the head of the bed She had just begun to have labor pains and it was still early for her to give birth so she had to disperse her energy and accumulate her strength Aunt Lan sat on the edge of the bed coaxing and persuading her to eat and said with a smile "It would be interesting if the little princess and her father had the same birthday" Steady woman however "Young madam is the first child be afraid not so fast" Yu Wanqiu heard a surprised that is to say she did not want to give birth to a child today to pain until tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow warehouse storage racks I wish my body which is only fifteen year old could endure such a long period of pain Zhao Youxi came back in the afternoon and heard the news of his wife's attack He was both happy and worried Since his little wife was pregnant every time he went to a military camp he went to the camp doctor to discuss the matter Every camp doctor comforted him that it was not too early to give birth at the age of fifteen and that there were experienced doctors and steady mothers-in-law around the princess so it should be no problem He told him not to worry too much But he was always on tenterhooks afraid that something unexpected would happen when things came to an end

Now that the birthday party is over how can he eat anything Only the plants in the yard were pitied and the flowers and leaves were all damaged making the ground red People knew that the young master was worried and no one dared to persuade him so he kept turning around and pulling the flowers and leaves Several times want to rush into the bedroom but Yu Wanqiu does not let she does not want to let her husband see himself so embarrassed Seeing that the courtyard was full of flowers and plants the servants could not stand it any more and went in to beg the young lady Finally Zhao Youxi was allowed to enter the important place of the delivery room and stay beside his beloved wife This night the puerpera fell asleep several times during the interval of labor pains and Zhao Youxi did not sleep a wink all night The next day with the sound of a baby's cry a little prince was welcomed to the Annam Palace Yu Wanqiu looked doubtfully at the baby in swaddling clothes "Is it really a son" Aunt Lan put the baby on the bed carefully opened the swaddling clothes and proudly displayed the magical little bird "How can it be a son" Someone who had just become a mother said to herself doubtfully that she had dreamed of giving birth to a daughter but how could she become a son Zhao Youxi leaned close to her ear and said "I don't want to see who his father is!"! If this prince comes out he must win the man in one fell swoop! She was even more confused "Aren't you looking forward to your daughter as much as I am" "As long as you give birth to it I like it the son is also good anyway the father will" Ha-ha write to my father at once and tell him the great news Look at the man's appearance are about to go crazy let Yu Wanqiu have to suspect that he is actually more looking forward to the birth of a son According to the history of the Liang Dynasty on March 29 the second year of the reign of Emperor Xiaodi of the Liang Dynasty Concubine Anan gave birth to her eldest son On April 8 of the same year Zhao Yanchang King of Anan proclaimed himself emperor in Nanfu The name of the state was Zhao He made his son Crown Prince and Concubine Crown Princess His eldest grandson who had just been born for ten days was given the title of King of Yanqing County The second volume is over Chapter 192 of the same volume


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