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"Hey it's all right You can do it as you see fit Anyway I can rest assured that you can help me bring some good things back" Said by Li Jingyuan Liu Zaishi laughed and even looked a little shy but still nodded . [Text Section 410 Li Changdong] Section 410 Li Changdong Kyung-won let me introduce you to Mr Lee Chang-dong the director of Miryang Teacher this is Li Jingyuan Under the introduction of Jeon Do-yeon Lee Kyung-won met another companion who went to France with him film director Lee Chang-dong born in 1954 In the face of the predecessors of the film industry Li Jingyuan did not dare to be careless at all He came forward and said hello seriously He also noticed that the director in front of him looked a little different from other directors He did not look like a director but more like a literary master [Search for tile profile factory the latest updates at shuhaige Com] In fact Li Jingyuan's feeling is not wrong although Li Changdong is a director but before becoming a director he was actually a writer but also a teacher He has written many novels and won the Korea Daily Literary Prize in 1992 Later he accepted the proposal of director Park Kwang-soo and was responsible for writing

It is precisely because of such profound thinking that Lee Chang-dong's works are not many but each one is a masterpiece Although it does not necessarily have a good box office it always brings people a long aftertaste of reflection It is precisely because of this feature that his works always win awards at various film festivals and exhibitions Lee Chang-dong has been certified by the Korean cultural circles for making his films so excellent This certification is not a simple recognition but a kind of praise It is under such praise that Lee Chang-dong who has no political experience tile trim factory joined the government cabinet and became the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Korea

After all he was from such a big family and had seen a lot of big scenes While respecting each other he would not affect his other actions Li Jingyuan's behavior naturally fell into Li Changdong's eyes He also felt that Li Jingyuan a young man was getting better and better Although he was not very old he would not be as timid as other young people and he would not feel guilty when he spoke He looked very confident and much more mature than his age It is precisely because of this feeling Lee Chang-dong and Lee Kyung-won soon chatted this chat two people feel more congenial when two people talked about Chinese movies even let Lee Chang-dong have the feeling of meeting too late Jing yuan I didn't expect you to know so much about Chinese movies It seems that you must not watch less Chinese movies at ordinary times Li Changdong took a sip of water and asked jecatrims.com

4, Ağustos, 2022 Güncel Olaylar kategorisinde David G. Bailey (220 puan) tarafından soruldu

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