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There was a twinkle of light in her eyes Jiang Ren teased her "Think it's funny" In fact the machine is very bad He was cheated when he was young and he didn't know how much money to go in so he knew some skills to play that However if you continue to play there is no guarantee that you will win Meng listens to nod cheek reddish "Hum you are so fierce!" You are so fierce! He smiled faintly in his eyes "Be good I will take you to play if I have money later" When they crossed the alley there was a snack street and this time was just 304 Stainless Steel Bar the time for dinner The small restaurant was full of students from B University The hot steam drifted in the sky and there was a smell of sunset The boss greeted the college students warmly with an authentic B city accent The young girls of nineteen and twenty years old were talking and laughing and they were very lively


That year he had only twelve coins all over his body and he could only invite his beloved girl to eat a bowl of wonton for six yuan Meng listened and looked into his eyes and the sunset in October was somewhat cold in autumn She suddenly remembered the morning she had just been together when Jiang Ren ate her leftover steamed buns He said he would give her everything he didn't want and taught her that it wouldn't be unclean He was unruly and proud and brought her to eat small wontons It was estimated that he felt very sad She looked softhearted scooped one with a spoon gently cooled it and held it up to his lips He lowered his eyes and saw a pair of smiling eyes Jiang Ren's throat knot moved 304 Stainless Steel Coil "Do you really want to feed me" "Well" He cursed in a low voice in his heart but he opened his mouth and ate Unlike her he didn't eat three bites at a time but he ate one Jiang Ren's face was still natural waiting for her to withdraw her hand and bring her a new spoon beside her When he took it he saw her bowing her head and continuing to eat Jiang Ren's new spoon fell into his bowl in a daze


It's good to go to college ” She blinked "Why all of a sudden" "The environment is good facing a group of cultural people is much better than facing a group of rough people with wrinkled faces" He smiled "Look what I'm doing I'm serious People who can be admitted to famous universities are very capable" Anyway I can't afford to go to high school for another ten years He spoke frankly and he matured a lot after he had social experience It seemed that the man she had met for the first time was not the man in front of her I can't see any buildings at night but the air in the playground is good Some students are running to exercise Meng heard that she had not been at Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe school for a few weeks In the past she seldom came to the playground alone When she came she found something was wrong When she heard the strange sound Jiang Ren straightened her face

In the dim light of the playground he saw her big eyes flickering and smiled a little badly "Well don't look back" You are also curious about the kiss of other lovers If you are curious I will teach you "I'm not curious" said Meng in shame "You let me go Jiang Ren" She regretted it Is it so lively here at night Next to them are trees and parallel bars Compared with the lively playground this place is indeed more secluded No wonder it is a dating Mecca To tell the truth Jiang Ren is a little excited His body is more honest and he feels more from his heart that the university is a good place Couldn't be better Shame about what You can't see from the outside Meng listened and blushed with blood Unluckily he still is continuing "Feed me to eat a thing today do not dislike my saliva" When he talked about this he couldn't help laughing Last year when she saw him eating half of the steamed stuffed bun she said that his saliva was so dirty that he still remembered it vividly Meng listened to bite his lip and did not want to answer his question which made people want to find a crack to get into sxthsteel.com

4, Ağustos, 2022 Çalışma Ekonomisi... kategorisinde Debbie J. Taylor (220 puan) tarafından soruldu

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