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Cao Thief-Long water camp a captain is a good man

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Long water camp a captain is a good man the March Sima Xiahou Shang is the nephew of general miaocai and your relationship also listen to close General Miaocai was the Satrap of Chen Liu in the past and you two were recruited by him Now under the account of Boren must rise rapidly But your journey must remain Let's get out of here! It's too much pressure to be with this smiling tiger Two army Sima is not a fool how can not see the mystery of this However people put things on the table in reason they can only be grateful but can not have half a complaint I wait for the trilogy this is the Du Tingwu pawn naturally stay "So" I have a letter here Take the letter with you and go to Suanzao immediately to report to Boren and Sima Shit this is a clear way to drive people! But two army Sima can't have the slightest complaint thank push back racking system you again and again out of the big account Outside the military tent Kan Ze had already ordered people to prepare the horses

As soon as the two army horses came out they immediately mounted their horses and were escorted out of the yuanmen Gate Cao Peng sighed lightly and sat down Eyes seemingly very casually swept over Wu Ban Wu Ban stood up hurriedly and said "The last general is willing to follow the orders of a captain" "yuanxiong Sima you are a talented person" "To tell you the truth" said Cao Peng in a deep voice "you and I are relatives and we should have supported each other Perhaps you don't know that Sikong's adoptive grandmother is a member of your Chen Liu Wu clan When she entered the palace she was cut off from her family But in my heart I still miss you "Huh" When Wu Ban heard this he was shocked If you have the heart after the war is over you might as well go back and check it If you like you can ask the old lady to go home and have a look The old lady is very lonely in Xudu now and she often talks about the clansmen of that year Wu Ban really didn't know that there was such a relationship at home At first hearing Cao Peng mention it he was also stupefied Shu Qiang's 187 people were executed and now there are only 600 people left in Duting However now that Zhang and Qiu have gone their journey naturally needs to be rearranged I will order people to deploy one hundred and thirty people under your command so that you have a full team what do you think Wu Ban is a little dizzy at this time! However it is also a good thing for him to be able to make his department full and there is no reason not to agree "At the end of the will I would like to follow the orders of a captain" "Hande!" "The end will be here!" From outside the tent a man came in It was Wu Ban who had just seen a big man with a huge disc axe outside the tent There are still more than two hundred people left which are included in your series From today on you are Sima of Duting Army responsible for garrisoning Xiaotan Would you like to "I will obey at the end" Hande was also overjoyed Cao Peng took one look at Tian Yu and said in a deep voice "But there's one more thing today You have to submit a list of all the soldiers in Duting" Automated warehouse systems

They must be asked about their residence family members and other matters I will ask the master book to help you Be sure to finish it today "I will obey at the end" Wu Ban and Han De stepped in at the same time And the smile on Cao Peng's face also became stronger Chapter 312 Yanjin Retreat (6) Jian'an five years February In the original history the prelude of the battle of Guandu was just opened But in this time and space the prologue has come to an end Cao Cao and Lombardi in Yanjin battlefield launched a fierce game It has been nearly fifty days since the Battle of White Horse The loss of both sides is quite huge wild jujube at the gates with corpses everywhere to describe is no exaggeration Since late January in addition to Yanjin several battlefields have been opened up Zang bully garrison qi county and more than yuan tan Both sides have invested a lot of manpower and material resources but it is too close to call In history yuan Tan is also an underrated figure He also had counsellors like Shen Pei Xin Pi who put great pressure on Zang Ba But in Donghai county Xiahou yuan Lv Qian showed the power to destroy the withered and rotten At the beginning of February the Hercynian Army officially launched an operation Under the command of Xu Kui the governor of Xuzhou the army marched into the East China Sea in three routes Pan Zhang and Wang Mai each with 1500 men captured Siwu and Yicheng killed Liu An a general under Liu Bei and stationed them on the lower reaches of the Shu River After Zhou Cang landed at Qushan he joined forces with Deng Zhi and came to Yushan Xiahou yuan captured Lanling and his second son Xiahou Ba stationed troops at Cishiting Lv Qian sent troops from Langya to capture Licheng and Jiqiu The four-route army joined forces and advanced to Tan County step by step which made it difficult for Liu Bei to continue On the sixth day of the second month after receiving a letter from Zang Ba Chang Kui surrendered in the city of Xiangben When Liu Bei saw that the situation was not good he immediately abandoned Tanxian County and led his troops to escape to Pengcheng County Neither Xiahou yuan nor Xu Xu expected that Liu Bei would be so determined to give up the county so that he was caught off guard making Liu Bei pass between the two and escape without a trace On the eighth day of the second month Wang Mai crossed the Shu River and came asrs warehouse to the county seat of Tan


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