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As a result he rushed in without hesitation so coincidentally hit the transmission error was jacuzzi swim spa transmitted to the desert He Qing and followed to the base in a daze With tears still on his face Shi Bingyi looked at He Qing who was looking at him strangely "Two two little is Awang really not dead" "Don't worry if he runs out of power he will be in a state of suspended animation Zombies still can't smell or see 

If he didn't guess wrong he should have taken a fancy to this rough man Although he Qing once suspected that he was mentally abnormal no matter how abnormal he was he would not put the person he liked in such a dangerous place The end of the world is full of dangers perhaps one second people are still laughing well the next second will be suddenly attacked even if how confident 5 person hot tub of his ability not afraid of which day did not fill the emblem Shi Bingyi in the zombie city without bones Unless "Shi Bingyi has no power fluctuations but as long as he does not make a sound I will unconsciously ignore it" Seeing the young man's thoughtful appearance Xiao vowed to hold the child in his arms put his lips close to his ear and whispered "He may be the same kind of power as He" Not right when he met Shi Bingyi he was driving around being chased by zombies If replaced by what even if this guy is throwing bombs around zombies are not paying attention to him He Qing suddenly had a flash of inspiration

The plan to enter the zombie city was completed very smoothly Zombies simply ignore Shi Bingyi He Qing and Xiao Shi are almost inexhaustible perverts and soon they arrived at what Shi Bingyi said was a tall building in the city center Looking at that building how high how high simply can break through the clouds of the building he Qing more sure what this boy is simply in the golden house hidden Jiao Walking all the way jacuzzi bath spa the left side is full of ice slag the right side is full of dust burned by the fire like a red carpet three people directly into the building The door is wrapped in chains He Qing raised his eyebrows looking at the big iron gate of course will not think that this is used to prevent zombies he slanted his head to look at Shi Bingyi who was full of expectations and nervousness and waved the door down This building is so high and now there is no elevator but also so many floors of small rooms do you want them to look for it one by one Of course not He Qing took out the trumpet from the base and patted it "What nonsense!!!" Hurry down! Your boss I'm here to pick you up!!! "And your concubine!" "Your concubine" "Concubine" "Head" "This guy has an echo yes" He Qing patted 4 person jacuzzi the trumpet and was about to continue shouting when his arm was carefully poked by Shi Bingyi He looked back doubtfully and saw that the dark face of the tall and strong rough man behind him was red black and red and how embarrassed he was "That Ershao Awang and I are brothers he calls me brother I call him brother not that" The concubine In the last sentence he stammered looking so ashamed that he didn't know where to put his hand He Qing pursed his lips with a smile and did not bully honest people "Well brothers are brothers I understand you You and you just like me and Xiao Shi are good brothers!"

As soon as he finished the man who had been silent all the time took the trumpet Obviously his face was expressionless but he saw the resentment from the action "What nonsense Come down" He did not shout like He Qing but his voice seemed to be highly enhanced and he quickly passed through the whole building On the stairs came the sound of pedaling downstairs wearing a coquettish yellow bag stepping on flip-flops like a beautiful teenager still on vacation on the beach rushed down Awang! Shi Bingyi opened his eyes wide ran over with trembling hands and held the teenager in his arms "You you are still alive" Awang! He Qing shrunken mouth "obviously I am his american hot tub eldest brother I call him not to come down how you call to be willing to come down" Xiao Shunmao touched the soft hair of the teenager "the sound of this trumpet is not good your voice did not spread out" "Yes you have a loud voice" He Qing stood tired leaning on his own head watching the boy shrink in Shi Bingyi's arms what were his hands touching blindly All right all right if you want to go home Xiao Shi and I are still here Seeing that the big man was not aware of it at all but was still a little accustomed to it He Qing rolled his eyes "Tell me what is the situation of Shi Bingyi's power" Shi Bingyi was excited that his Awang was still alive when he felt his hands trembling in his arms He was a little confused but he patted his back to comfort him As soon as he enjoyed stroking his tender skin his expression changed he looked up quickly looked at He Qingxiao warily and opened his hand to block Shi Bingyi behind him monalisa.com

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