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Castle Peak Savage Valley (through the Song Dynasty)

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Although I didn't see the guards or the servants all the way I still knew that the figures fluttering all over the sky were the martial arts masters spreading a huge barbed wire fence in every corner of Nangong Mansion north south east and west in all directions As long as diammonium phosphate fertilizer a bird flew up it would definitely be shocked From the moment I entered the door I was treated with courtesy and shown around But I always felt like a weight in my heart I had come here in high spirits but Yan Chaohong criticized current events for me not long ago and came to the conclusion that there was only one way to go How to persuade the savages to follow them to Tokyo To tell the truth Yan Chaohong couldn't trust the savages He was gambling with his own life

If he really let me and the savages go the savages would rise one day and bite him back He would not be the only one who would be unlucky but hundreds of brothers in the whole Liang Stronghold He couldn't afford this crime Although I wanted to scold him on the spot how could the savages be so bored to come out and bite him but if I calm down and think about it Yan Chaohong did take a great risk to help me and the involvement was extensive even if I was partial to the savages I could not completely ignore Yan Chaohong So you can't tell the savage Yan Chaohong to take the opportunity to save him but you can't say "You go to Tokyo with them and  I have also understood that he is definitely not a person who obeys my orders on the contrary he insists on his own way but also obeys my words if I just let him go to Tokyo with Yan Chaohong to ask for an explanation he will not be happy to accept So the left is not good the right is not good finally Yan Chaohong gave me a bad idea told me not to forgive the savage What a bloody idea it was! At first I firmly opposed it although it could really achieve the effect I would not forgive the savage and break off relations with him He would not resist again in despair nor would he stay dap diammonium phosphate at the Nangong Mansion waiting for me In fact the savage had promised that he would go to Tokyo with them as long as they let me see him


There was no light in the room and it seemed that there was no one outside or at least that the people inside were asleep-but Song Guancai told me that the savages had not slept these days and now that I had come he was sleeping instead Knocked on the door twice impatient was ready to kick the door a foot up but kicked empty not only kicked empty but also fell a big stumble pressed on a person even that person was thrown down by me two people fell to the ground together Even if I have a human pad I still can not help but sigh this fall is not my old bones fell apart can not climb up Besides I was hugged so tightly that it was hard for me to move let alone climb At this time the savage is like a kind of super glue Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP once stuck don't expect to peel off or he will lose a layer of skin-not me You let go first He was lying on his back I was crawling and they were lying on the ground without moving In fact I didn't dare to turn my head to look at his face Just listening to his panting voice it was like some kind of dying beast The sound of "whine" was in his chest and I heard it Savage are you all right I asked him aloud and he was stunned for a moment and then let go I got up first then tried to pull him stretched out his hand but he sat up first the white moonlight outside the room shone on his face only to find that he was staring at me looking a little confused It's not a dream! I smiled and patted his face He froze for a moment and raised his hand to catch mine Get up and light the lamp I urged him to pull out his hand "I'll close the door"

When the door was closed the room was completely dark and when he turned around the shadow of the savage was still sitting on the ground in a daze as if he had not even changed his posture I have no choice but to order him to do little things now With a deep sigh I can only go to the table and light candles by myself The fire lit up and shook and the room was bright I wanted to turn around and see if the man was still sitting on the ground but when I turned around I was hugged What are you doing I groaned in a coquettish tone and refused in a provocative manner In fact I wanted to cry I hadn't seen him for three days Three days was a long time He pulled me to the bed and sat down like a blind man who needed to touch his hands and feet and he reached out and touched my face Savage you've lost weight I bit my lip I lied In fact he was too horrible to look at His black eyes were sunken and his cheeks were collapsed Where else could he show people His beard had grown out His white eyes were red his black potassium sulphate fertilizer eyes were dull and his eyes were dull He was a savage "You don't eat or drink" I asked him in a shriveled voice "Nonviolent nonresistance" He smiled as if he were crying He took out my hand and wrote "You've lost weight too" Don't flirt with me I rubbed my eyes for fear that I would not be able to hold myself up He pursed his lips and seemed to be laughing but he looked pitiful his hair was not tied up for him and his clothes were wrinkled and unchanged I finally know why you are called a savage "  stargrace-magnesite.com

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