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Ka Tu-Qi Li does not believe nose one hum

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 "Forget it do not want to teach to say directly jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers need so false hypocrisy" "I'm not you" said Wang Yong earnestly There has always been a legend in our Carthew circle Have you heard of it "What legend" Qi Li glanced at Wang Yong and saw that the old man seemed to be serious and his attention was immediately attracted Well it was probably more than ten years ago Not long after I joined the regiment it was also the time when the legend was at its peak It was a group called the Black Hibiscus Carthew and it was hot tub spa manufacturers the most powerful Carthew group in the Federation at that time bar none Their number is very small about the same as our blood hammer department "Impossible!" Qi Li is a little angry "Old Wang do I look like a fool" How many people are there in our blood hammer department More than 2000 people How can a Carthew regiment of more than two thousand men be the most powerful Carthew regiment in the Federation 

They had little contact with other Carthews but they were far more popular than other Carthews at that time They have five outdoor spa manufacturers core members Like the black hibiscus flower with five petals unlike other Carthew groups fighting for power and profit the five of them are like a family and their feelings are too good to say and they are all heroes and famous but few people have seen them in person Old Wang counted them one by one on his fingers "The Black King the Bosnian Wolf the Drawn Sword the Smell Beaver and the Weaving Fly which one of them was not so powerful in those days" What happened more than ten years ago is far away and mysterious for young people Unconsciously Lao Wang was surrounded by a lot of people Wu Yan who was walking in front of him did not seem to hear Lao Wang's storyThe first battle that really determined the status of their most powerful Carthew regiment that battle their target was the Sixth Legion! The reverence on Wang Yong's face was overflowing The Sixth Legion! The young Carthew of the crowd could not help exclaiming and his eyes were full of disbelief! Every member of Carthew's regiment knows one thing in his heart-never provoke the military or any forces related to it! In the Federation Chinese spa manufacturer the military is the most powerful force even for the Big Six They are the real killing machines and the most powerful Carthew is in front of them Shabby and weak like a farmer like the Blood Hammer Department in the Carthew Regiment of the Frost Moon Cold Continent in terms of military strength it can definitely rank in the top three even if it is placed in the entire Federal Carthew Regiment it can also be in the top ten But they will never confront the military Take the Sixth Army Corps as an example The Sixth Army Corps has a total of five units each with 20000 men and each unit is divided into ten battalions each with 2000 men The Sixth Army Corps even the worst battalions can easily annihilate them Although the two are almost the same in number This is the absolute power of the military! That's why the big six are in full swing now but the twelve legions endless pool swim spa are all standing still If the military is in the fight

That would be the end of the Union Well at that time the commander of the Sixth Army Corps was not Lord Zhi Tingman But Lord Tong Hua the cause of the conflict between the two sides no one knows but the sixth legion mobilized half of the department that is five brigades a total of ten thousand people to encircle and suppress the Black Hibiscus Carthew regiment "Wow!"! Really So arrogant I like Qi Li's eyes were shining and he shouted loudly Half a department Ten thousand people  

This incident made the Sixth Legion the laughing stock of the Union Tong also resigned because of the incident The most surprising thing is that the Black Hibiscus Carthew Regiment has not been completely obliterated by the military The matter was strangely endless swimming pool settled and the Sixth Legion had no intention of pursuing it but the battle immediately pushed the Black Hibiscus Carthew Regiment to the position of the First Carthew Regiment of the Federation   monalisa.com

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