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8 Advantages of LED Lighting

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8 Advantages of LED Lighting

LEDs have swept the conventional lighting marketplace for a variety of reasons, most notably their extended lifespans, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements. By 2030, the DOE estimates that LED lighting could save 190 terawatt hours of electricity per year, which equates to a whopping $15 billion. As the purchase price of lamps and fixtures continues to fall, more and more facility managers are looking to upgrade their lighting systems with LEDs, given their many benefits compared to traditional technologies. Following are eight advantages for all store decision makers to consider:

Within Room Signs:

Finally,you're going to need to add signs in each room of your hotel. Consciously or subconsciously, the person staying at the hotel is going to notice whether or not the signs you have fit the ambiance of the property. It helps to make sure that your signs match or exceed their expectations.

Unique Hotel Signs :

There are some saucy Do Not Disturb signs out there that have a lot of creativity. But you can still be creative even with a “Safe for Work” sign. The above sign is a great example. This sign comes from an Aspen hotel, which is known for the outdoors, the barn décor, and more. Notice that custom Do Not Disturb hotel signs do not have to be shaped like the traditional door hangers. Be creative with your shapes. This is a traditional hotel sign, but it’s an amazing one.


What Is a Blade Sign?

Generally speaking, a blade sign is a sign that protrudes from the facade of a building. They are typically thin (hence the name), but they don’t technically have to be thin. The defining characteristic of a blade sign is that it is attached directly to the building (or wall) and protrudes perpendicular to the building (instead of being mounted directly on the side). Sticking out this way makes it easy for pedestrians to see the sign as they traverse a walkway. It is very common to see blade signs in a shopping plaza. In this case, blade signs mark individual stores and shops.


What Is Faux Neon?

Faux neon (or fake neon) uses low voltage LEDs to create the appearance of neon lighting - with this comes a hold load of benefits. Unlike traditional neon, faux neon can be produced in almost any shape, and can include colour changing patterns.

Key Benefits of our Faux Neon Sign Range;Faux Neon Signs can be produced in two ways - either with flexible tubing which can be fixed into the required shape, or with solid acrylic that can be cut to shape.

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