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Assassin in the nether world of online games

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The voice of tragedy is unbelievable "Sound" Chapter 91 Partners Sound is not a skill but a requirement or a condition When the degree reaches a certain level it will leave a visual illusion in the retina which can achieve this condition break away from vision and temporarily confuse vision which is called sound Shadow extinguishes if the light is to achieve the sound although the tragedy is surprised but not all the eyes are staring out but the other side not only has the sound but also It doesn't produce a sonic boom which is 12 needle valve a bit of nonsense You know once the flight degree of an object passes it will inevitably produce a shock wave When it passes through the shock wave the pressure density and temperature of the gas will suddenly rise and the flow will suddenly drop The jump in pressure creates an audible boom known as a sonic boom No matter what it is as long as after a peak there will be a shock wave a shock wave and naturally there will be a sonic boom So the shadow appeared quietly behind him and the tragedy felt very depressed After installing the silencer there is still a sound How can you whoosh Running right behind me Are you ***ing dead!

If we put it in reality it is absolutely the kind of fierce man who can avoid pistol bullets within 1 ooo meters Tragedy and shadow extinguish a comparison feel that their name is not wrong is really a good tragedy ah good tragedy Compared with the shadow he is like the trumpet he just applied for and he has no power to fight back That is to say now he does not have the strength to harm the shadow or the strength to protect himself This is indeed a lesson in tragedy Although the original tragedy is not arrogant enough to think that his father is the best in the world but at least he feels that he is barely a character I am the leader of the senior team Captain level in fact and the team members are two worlds of people according to the strength of the division and the elite team members are the same level Elite level has barely stepped into the upper class of red training you know elite team above there is only one level that is the title team

So tragedy thinks that if he is not impetuous not domineering and serious he is really a character You know in the whole senior team leader level PK competition he took the second place At that time the battle with Yu Fei a member of the team was equally divided at the beginning and it was only in the later period that he gradually lost his strength In fact to a large extent I lack experience Before I played the fantasy world I had not played other games but Yu Fei came from many games Although there are some differences between the games Yu Fei is an old bird after all Experience and vision are not comparable to tragedy

That is to say in a few months of tragedy during this period of time he is not lazy conscientious diligent to exercise his eyesight increase his knowledge and experience he is likely to rush to the elite captain level that is the level of the team members and the chance is great Can't you prove your excellence if you stand out from the vast crowd But today I saw the shadow disappear and I finally know what it means that there are people outside the world and there are days outside the world When the shadow appeared again it was at a 45-degree angle to his right In the hands of the colorful dragon dagger on the cold flash from a self can not resist also unable to resist the angle to stab over That kind of degree other people's reminder too late their instinctive reaction It's also too late Before he died he saw his face through the dagger face of the shadow dagger pale and weak Like the slave class at the bottom of the pyramid as long as you look up you can see the brilliant light but You can never touch the warmth of the light with your hands It is beyond reach A deep sigh then turned into white light The shadow extinguished the left hand to pull a knife flower pointed at the stunned pumpkin and ethereal showing an insolent to some arrogant smile "Next" ……。 chinaroke.com

11, Ağustos, 2022 Dans kategorisinde Celeste H. Vanhorn (220 puan) tarafından soruldu

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