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Heart Tomb (full text plus extra)

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The little prince of the beach had laid her seat flat and his whole body was lying down and he wanted to suck her neck Three times a nigThe other party was stunned for a moment but he immediately obeyed and climbed back into the driver's seat Stop Driving out of the lane she immediately saw a Blowing Filling Capping combiblock familiar building Someone's home is just across the street from the bar and it's only a five-minute walk When the little prince on the beach wanted to speak and stopped she quickly got out of the car and hurried upstairs with messy footsteps When she ran to a door panting the heat of her skin was already frighteningly high She rang the doorbell wildly and ten seconds later holding a mug of warm water in her hand Zhao Shicheng came to open the door Why are you so late "Zhao Shicheng was a little surprised by her unexpected arrival and even more surprised she immediately closed the door with a" bang "" Make my medicine!

"What" He simply did not understand what she said face to face on the lips has kissed away the lingering sound he was about to open his mouth ak of medicinal properties There seemed to be a wheel of fire turning over in her body When she touched his slightly cool body temperature she asked from water bottling line time to time to make a slightly contented sound It makes Zhao Shicheng feel that she is now like a delicious food on the plate which she enjoys very urgently very carefree and very Not satisfied Not enough not enough she wants more! Zhao Shicheng's figure hidden under the material of her clothes is very material Her and anxious She instinctively touches him and seeks relief through the cool body temperature

Zhao Shicheng who was attacked in the chest was pinched in pain and to make matters worse her hand had slipped all the way down and even touched him Zhao Shicheng hurriedly dodged avoiding her lips her hands entangled his physiological reaction has long been provoked However as soon as he avoided it Blowing Filling Capping combiblock he was immediately entangled by her sucking and biting and between pulling Zhao Shicheng was almost half-naked Song Yu asked what happened Zhao Shicheng was a little angry when he avoided her again But the way she gazed at him with tears in her eyes made him regret What's the matter He asked again locking her troubled hands and stretching his legs to keep her from doing anything more This time he asked with too much softness in his tone "Did you drink too much" It was hard not to associate her with the way she kept wriggling around on the sofa her eyes all red No I I was drugged gliness but she could not control her behavior at all Zhao Shicheng took a deep breath

She was drugged No wonder! "Ask don't be afraid I have a needle ngled that he could not get up to take the injection at all not to juice filling machine mention that it would take time to apply the medicine on the needle Ask you wake up and show your will! He roared and raised his voice because he was also in a mess and now he had been pulled down to a pair of boxers by her and the male desire that had also been stirred up was so shameful that the evidence was clear The person who was scolded shed tears unconsciously

She was very uncomfortable really uncomfortable There are too many places in her life that need will but tonight she doesn't want to stick to it any more and wants to allow herself to be weak I need you! I asked him eyes full of luat What morality what bottom line at this moment all struggle want to rush want to ignore follow the direction of the heart gzxilinear.com

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