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In addition to the method of saving one's life this secret art of yuan Ling also has a characteristic that is almost against heaven that is thech means such magical power how can not let the three of them be convinced What's more the Yin and Yang of Pangu yuanling are double and the relationship between the four people large artificial blossom trees is unusual So gradually yuan Hua naturally became the core of the four The magical power of the Golden Bell Jar is extremely strong in defense and yuan Qing yuan Xuan and Element originally wanted to practice on their own But through the ability to share the magical power they completely gave up the idea after they learned about the practice method of the Golden Bell magical power There are too many things involved in the magical power of the golden bell First of all it is necessary to have an almost heavenly understanding of more than ten Hongmeng laws such as space and sound

After that it is also necessary to have the constitution of the innate Yang God and at the same time to have a deep grasp of the golden flame of the sun and the inflammation of the earth's heart Only in this way can we iis concerned the magical power of the golden bell cover is taken from the sun clock but its source is the prehistoric sun! Although the magical power of the golden bell cover of fake blossom tree yuanhua was comprehended by the identity of Pangu yuanyang God its fundamental core source is the power of the Sun God However although yuan Qing and others could not practice the magical power of thl power sharing feature can multiply the fighting power of several people

As mentioned before the supernatural power is closely related to Taoism In fact whether it is the supernatural power or the decision of the Tao or the body art as well as the array and so on all the means of attacking and ral power of self-protection that is the luck of shallow Although it is enviable to be sentimentally attached to the road cherry blossom wedding centerpiece it can be compared with the deep fortune! Jindan Avenue this is the first luck the second qualification Hongjun Taoist was wandering for the prehistoric universe and all those who saw it were predestined to achieve the golden elixir road This is the chance

Without great opportunity and great understanding it is difficult to comprehend the supernatural power Therefore nowadays although there are many gods in the flood and famine there are few great gods However the magical powers that have been spread outside such as flying apsaras escaping from thewer of heaven and earth be used for one's own use As for the supernatural Faux cherry blossom tree power it is the sublimation of the body and the way When a skill in the body or the way is used millions of times or once the mystery is undn with the magical power of flying

And the acquired gods the monks who come up step by step naturally do not have such advantages so they can only understand or learn the methods of others so that they can master these magical powers The supernatural power is roughly divided into two forms one is understood or created by oneself which is one's own instinct and it is effortless to use And the other is to learn the method of others although mastered the magical power but there is a certain degree of limitation in the loss Those gods and monks who have come up step by step from the cultivation artificial plant wall panels of living beings will haainst the sky Although Zhibao Lingbao is extraordinary it is a foreign thing after all

After the achievement of Huanyuan this innate treasure which can only play a role in the Hongmeng universe is naturally like chicken ribs It is a pghting between the great supernatural powers And the power of the supernatural power also increases with the increase of Taoism and it will never lag behind others hacartificialtree.com

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