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Xiu Shen Lu Jiu Tian Long Teng

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"Hard work" Hum don't joke! Night Frost snorted coldly and said "Don't worry about her There won't be any trouble"! No one knows be a fancy to the girl Ye Xue did you" How else would you be so worried about him Even if bottle blowing machine Yang Wuxin's face is too strong it is also very uncomfortable to such a straightforward attack After coughing awkwardly Yang Wuxin said with a guilty conscience "This this is where to start" "Sister Ming Jian the younger brother is just a matter of fact but there is no delusion ah!" Looking at Yan Brother you are so cute like this and my sister is a little moved to see it!

Night frost just no matter Yang Wuxin has what kind of reaction continue to adjust breath to the end Unable to bear the language of the night frost Yang Wuxin had no choice but to pretend to be stupid and change the subject "Sister do we really not have to come forward to help" Look at the strength of the two monsters does not seem to be weak I am afraid the night snow fairy will not be easy to win right "There is no need to worry about the night snow she has mastered the rhythm of the battle" And even if we go up it won't work at all! The nightuation of night snow is equal liquid bottle filling machine to one against three! If the night frost does not say Yang Wuxin really does not know these inside stories It turns out that the Water Mirror Ethereal Skill is a kind of indiscriminate attack Once it is used all the masters within a fixed range will be involved in the battle No distinction between the enemy and ourselves no distinction between the strong and the weak even if they have no power to fight back they may be injured by mistake

Still the night frost made a promise in all sincerity and seriousness Yang Wuxin could not say anything more For the sake of safety he was still alert to lift the power quietly retreated to one side for the night snow to watch the enemy As long as there is any sign of trouble PET blowing machine Yang Wuxin can immediately go into battle But the performance of the night snow does not seem to give Yang unintentional face she leisurely dancing her body the red horn ush forward The night snow still walks in front but Yang Wuxin and the night frost are still in the back to protect

The three of them carefully groped their way forward not daring to act rashly at all The powerful mechanism in the forbidden space was not j suddenly exclaimed making the forbidden space filled with echoes What's wrong What did you find Yang Wuxin and Ye Shuang asked almost at the same Beverage packing machine time as they stopped There is a problem with the space here and there is no way out ahead! The night snow frowned slightly as if thinking about countermeasures Hearing this Yang Wuxin and Ye Shuang could not help being stupefied "Is there no way out" How did this happen "Thirty-seven changes forty-nine births sixteen turns twenty-eight turns well this is it you can't go wrong!" Night snow did not answer directly but said a series of unfathomable language but also let Yang Wuxin and night frost two people listen to is Yunshan fog cover confused Did not let them doubt for long the night snow pee space in front of us These points of energy like the stars in the sky shine with dazzling brilliance

They gradually connected together in the void forming a huge network of stars Then the night snow released a long and narrow light from thning and before Yang Wuxin could react it was already nearing the end In front of them this strange space stands but the entrance of the space is sealed by mysterious means If they want to move on they have to find and open this portal So just now the night snow will be lost in thought will say some profound words gzxilinear.com

17, Ağustos, 17 Aile kategorisinde Devon K. Herrera (300 puan) tarafından soruldu

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