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Wan Long Shen Zun

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And every blue ray of light on the surface of the figure's body is emitted by a powerful fluctuation of True Qi, which is no weaker than the monk of Taihuang Jinxian. Looking closely, these figures are the virtual shadows of the masters of the sea clan. Szeto Bie opened his lips slightly and exclaimed, "The Secret Book of the Great Spirit of the Sky and the Sea is the highest martial arts of the sea clan. It is said that the whole set of martial arts is the peak of immortal martial arts. Yu Shangqing is really great. He has learned such martial arts." Miao Fengfeng shook her head and said, "No, Yu Shangqing should not have fully learned the Secret Book of the Great Spirit of the Sky and Sea. It should only be a part of it, but it is enough to make people feel incredible." Not only Szeto Bie and Miao Fengfeng, but all the geniuses around him were shocked in their hearts. Obviously, they didn't expect Yu Shangqing to have learned the peak immortal formula "Tianhai Giant Spirit Secret Code". Kill! Yu Shangqing's eyes were cold, and the silver fork in his hand shook fiercely, only to see that the masters of the sea clan suddenly roared out, directly forming a formation, and surrounded Wen Qingye in a mighty way. Swish! Swish! Many masters of the sea clenched the blue water fork in their hands and shot at Wen Qingye. Wen Qingye's eyes were slightly cold, and the sword in his hand burst into a purple and golden light, like a circle of flames, rushing towards the distance. As soon as the sword in Wen Qingye's hand moved, a piece of blood disappeared within a radius of thousands of miles. It was dark and gloomy, and the breath of terror diffused. Fear! Everyone's heart trembled crazily, as if he had come to the hell of hell and was going to be a sinner to be judged. The seventh of the ten kill orders of the King of Hell! The spirit congeals the marrow! Suddenly, a cold voice resounded in the ears of all people, all people are playing a spirit,Heme Iron Polypeptide, as if by the Yama Xianjun trial in general. Chapter 1756 the realm of the realm. A kind of panic and unstoppable power swept over, only to see the sky above, a cold sword gas wrapped in golden brilliance toward the front of countless sea masters virtual shadow rushed past. However, when the two are about to collide, Yu Shangqing mouth is a hook, showing a cold smile, then cold drink way: "Give me burst!" Boom! Boom! Boom! The earth-shaking explosion resounded,Sex Enhancement Powder, only to see the sea master suddenly self-explosion, immediately formed a terrible blue gas storm, instantly will be enveloped in the warm night, and then directly to the warm night sword gas also disturbed. This blue storm of strength, about a thousand feet huge, the blood-colored earth below, is at this time to be broken out of a huge crack. What a great martial art. All the people watching the battle in the distance changed their faces slightly, but they didn't expect Yu Shangqing's martial arts to be so powerful. The storm of blue strength is raging crazily, and everyone is looking closely at the storm of strength, being hit by such a terrible attack, can the son of the Fire Sword Sect survive? After a few breaths, the strength of the storm is finally gradually weakened, a line of sight does not blink staring there, and then, there is a suppressed vibration of the cry sounded one after another, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, the sky, Yu Shangqing's pupil is also a slight shrink. The storm dispersed, the sky, is still a figure standing in the air, it is Wenqing night. At this time, Wen Qingye's upper body clothes were shattered, but there was a golden dragon shadow flowing on his surface, hovering around his body. This is Long Baihua Xuangong! When Wan Yunyun saw this, he immediately exclaimed, "What a terrible flesh! This flesh is not worse than mine." In the fairy world, the most commendable thing about the sorcery clan is its horrible body, which is called the master of Buddhism and Taoism, but at this moment Wan Yuyun actually feels that Wen Qingye's body is not worse than his, which is incredible. Wen Qingye's palm turned slightly, the pale golden dragon shadow gradually dissipated, and a white dress reappeared on the surface of Wen Qingye's body. Beichen Feng was a little surprised and said, "This boy's strength is not bad." Zhang Haotian nodded and said faintly, "It's a little unexpected, but Yu Shangqing should not have shown all his strength yet." Yu Shangqing looked at Wen Qingye tightly. He was silent for a long time and said, "Your strength is completely beyond my expectation. What you hide is really deep enough." If he knew that Wen Qingye's strength had reached such a level, he would never offend Wen Qingye for a little thing, but it was too late to say anything. Wen Qingye smiled indifferently and said, "Show your real strength. I hope you won't let me down." He knew in his heart that even if he defeated Yu Shangqing, Li Xuantian, Chu Fan, and even Yan Xu did not want to get away with it. So he can't lose this battle! "Arrogant!" When Yu Shangqing heard Wen Qingye's words, his heart was filled with pride, and he stepped forward, displaying the celestial phenomena and the Taoist body at the same time. The Taoism he practices is the same as that of Li Xuantian, which is also Xuanshui Wuji Taoism, but the Taoism body is quite different from that of Li Xuantian, which is the top Taoism body of the fourth grade. Yu Shangqing's huge Fa Tianxiang appeared, and his body seemed to be cast in bronze, with a heavy and dull feeling. Wen Qing night is also without the slightest hesitation, directly displayed the law of heaven and earth, huge body floating in the clouds, as if in the vast general. Boom! Yu Shangqing in the eyes of the evil color flashed, a punch blast over, this punch with Xuanshui Wuji Road, but also has the blessing of the heavy water body, powerful and powerful. Where the strength of the fist passed, the blood-colored True Qi around it retreated one after another, forming a vacuum area visible to the naked eye. Wen Qingye only felt that his body had become much stiffer, as if he had come to the middle of winter, and the cold had frozen his body. Yan Xu gazed at the extremely slow air flow in the sky and said slowly, "This is the realm of the'domain '. Yu Shangqing's Xuanshui Wuji Dao has reached the realm of the'domain'." "The realm of the domain?" Xiao Yuer,L Methylfolate Factory, Qiu Ruoshui and other disciples of the Great Moon Palace heard the words of Yan Xu, one by one is a breath of cold air, eyes full of shock color. pioneer-biotech.com

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