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It rains heavily on the city.

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His fingers stayed there silently He can't do it! The heart began to ache The warmth of the girl's skin immersed in his finger pulp he looked aght she was coming for revenge Inside the stone house Candles are burning like beans The fake ficus tree girl locked on the stone chair closed her eyes tightly and two lines of tears silently slid down her cheeks and fell to the corners of her mouth bitter and painful Ten years ago Jiangnan Liantang She closed her eyes tightly and her voice trembled in tears "The eight-year-old girl you saved you named him Lotus" You Have you forgotten Ten years ago!

She and her mother were chased by the four evil spirits of blood shadow At the edge of the lotus pond in the south of the Yangtze River aher clear eyes her wound was soaked with blood her white clothes her face was like snow and her voice was bitter …… You today Remember ten years ago Lotus Beside the lotus silk ficus tree pond lotus blossoms are in full bloom The young man in white like snow with a pair of beautiful long and narrow eyes looked at her with a smile a warm smile like the sunshine in the south of the Yangtze River He laughed and said "You don't have a name" How can you not have a name Little she bit her lip but refused to say a word Niang told her when she died that she would never say her name to anyone in her life!

The young man in white was still smiling Pointing to the lotus pond his snow-white sleeves swaying gently in the soft Jiangnan breeze he smilment as if he had thought of something outdoor ficus tree He bent down and patted the little girl on the head "From now on you will call me Brother Ye" She called him brother Ye She followed him back to his village in the south of the Yangtze mboo pavilion the flowers and trees are sparse Lotus nine years old sat on the lap of

Brother Ye nineteen years old holding fragrant lotus seeds in his hands combing his small sideburns raising his pink face and blinking his big eyes to listen to him Smiling he explained to her the meaning of the poem "On the clear water in summer the lotus flowers in the south of the Yangtze River are in full bloom The women picking lotus come by boat singing in the reed marshes and they are deeply United with their lovers and love each other forever" She was puzzled and asked him childishly "Is it a blessing to love each other forever" He nodded with a clear light in his long and narrow eyes "If Lotus can find a person who can love Lotus forever and stay together until they grow old together then Lotus is a blessed person" "Can Lotus marry Brother Ye when she grows up" She sat on his knee and looked up at his handsome shining eyes

"Can Lotus marry Brother Ye in a red wedding dress" He was stunned at first looked at Lotus's childish and happy face and then smiled "Well when Lotus grows up I'll marry Lotus as my bride" "Stay together until we grow old together" "All right stay together until we grow old together" "And clap your hands as an oath" She jumped down from his lap and held out her hand with a smile "Give me a high five and swear that I will never say the faux ficus tree opposite of what I say today" He was stunned again The little girl in front of her was still holding up her little palm to clap hands with him She was already an orphan girl and he was the only person she could rely on in the world He smiled and held out his hand Her little palm and his palm hit each other made a gentle sound clapped three times and made the vow to stay together until the old age never back to each other

It never occurred to him That moment The nine-year-old girl looking at her only brother Ye in the world was very happy to remember this sentence firmly in her heart and never forgot it Stay together until we grow old together never turn our backs Brother Ye spent a whole year with her Until one morning brother Ye dressed in white came up to her and told her that he would leave for a period of time during which time Lotus must take good care of himself After two years of wandering she was particularly precocious She looked at the smiling brother Ye and nodded forcefully "Well Lotus will take good care of herself" That day She stood in the doorway and watched brother Ye leave Brother Ye dressed in white patted her head gently at the moment he left He smiled gently and his voice was as quiet and gentle as her relatives Lotus wait for me She sat on the threshold blinking her dark eyes as the line of pure white figures slowly moved away from her sight until she could no longer see them From that day on she counted the days waiting for him But hacartificialtree.com

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