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Xiao Xiaoyue, Lu Shao's Sweet Wife with Special Power

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Chapter 295 296 is about the dark night "Ah what kind of sigout After school starts even if the school has a holiday you don't go home and stay in school all the time silk ficus tree Don't come home until the police find out You don't have to worry about us at home Mom and Dad will be waiting for you Xiao Donglai patted Xiao Qianyu's hand although not willing to let Xiao Qianyu not go home for so long but he had to do so for her safety He knew for a long timehank you for bringing me up No matter what will happen in the future

I will always be your daughter" Xiao Qianyu did not know what words to use to describe her psychology at this time That piece of cloth and silk turned out to be the symbol of the Night Organization or the core white skull logo Her life experience is related to the dark night How can she not be shocked In a previous life she was sold into the dark night and did not know her life until she silk olive tree died Too many things have happened in this life and her life experience has been pulled out She would rather she was just the daughtehe same blood as them When Xiao Donglai mentioned Xiao Xilai's family he hated it

These days Zhang Zuoying always runs to the middle of the village at noon every day pointing at mulberry and scolding Huai at their home Although she broke off the relationship she could not come to scold outdoor ficus tree but she always did not say her name but implicitly scolded their family which was really annoying Xiao Qianmo muttered "I'm just saying I'm just curious about Nai Bao's life experience" Have I always taken Nai Bao as my sister Even if I knew her backgIf my friend can't find it it's not too late to take it to the police station" ‘ "Nai Bao you don't want Rong Ze to help you check do you" Is he really that good Xiao Qianmo said with little stars in his eyes a look of worship

"Qian Mo we are going to be three years old soon and our main thoughts should be on learning" As soon as Xiao Qianchen saw that Xiao Qianmo's eyes were not right he immediately reminded her Rong Ze looks unusual is she artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings able to think of Xiao Xiao Qianmo looked at Xiao Qianchen and curled his mouth and did not speak Who is Rong Ze Xiao Donglai and Gu Zuozhi looked at Xiao Qianyu inquiringly Last week a god-like figure like Kang Zixie came to the house Xiao Donglai and Gu Zuozhi didn't know how to communicate with others Fortunately he walked fast otherwise he would have embarrassed the two of them to death As soon as Xiao Qianmo mentioned Rong

Ze the two of them became nervous I don't know where Nai Bao got to know the kind of rich kid who looks very rich at first sight Mom and Dad Rong Ze is a very reliable friend his brother and sister have seen the character is very good Gu Zuozhi and Xiao Donglai secretly looked at each other and took it for granted that Rong Ze was Xiao Qianyu's boyfriend Although a little artificial grass panels worried that Xiao Qianyu so small talk about boyfriend and girlfriend will not be good but this period of time Xiao Qianyu's performance has improved so much two people think it must be the credit of Rong Ze So the two tacitly acquiesced in Xiao Qianyu asking Rong Ze to investigate her life experience Do you still want to celebrate Nai Bao's birthday Xiao Qianchen asked Xiao Donglai and Gu Zuozhi Xiao Qianyu and Xiao Qianmo also looked over

However April 4 was originally your sister's birthday since her death in order not to let the milk treasure's life experience exposure has been let the milk treasure every year today's birthday In fact we don't know which day is the real birthday of Nai Bao When I brought her back she was already a few months old a little older than your sister The family was talking when they heard the sound of the door being knocked As it is a Tomb Sweeping Festival today most people have gone to visit the grave Who will come to their house at this time "I'll open the door" Xiao Qianchen stood up and ran to the gate All four people in the room craned their necks to look out hacartificialtree.com

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