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The wind and the moon are flying

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Originally the system defaults that the first female player who is sold into the brothel and whose hatred value reaches 10000 can trigger Mo Qingcheng's "emotional injury" task and synchronously open the fog city profession Half a year ago artificial coconut palm trees Mo Ran's rebirth had already gathered thousands of hatred in one and successfully surpassed the critical point of hatred value Unfortunately she was extremely depressed at that time beat do you mean by putting it to death! Mo Ran looked at the happy brush out of the system prompt can not help but tightly clench his fist!

By the way experience the pleasure of singing by an emancipated serf [System Prompt] The player Gong Qiang Liu is given the Fog Hidden Skill This skill is a subsidiary skill After binding it has a continuous gain effect on the original skill After using the skill it will bite back its own level If the player drops to zero level the piano will be destroyed and people will die Impulse is the devil health is the capital of revolution There is no doubt that the system began to talk again Mo Ran in line with the principle of more harmless staring at theby the system The whole process is as confusing as seeing flowers in the fog This decorative palm trees skill is obtained randomly by hidden tasks which can be met but not sought Hidden kill is the player to get a minute of stealth time close to the target high attack high sensitivity a fatal blow Palace wall willow at this time has beeded a lot of players and hang a hate value! Originally there was no other way out except to abandon the number but the system did the opposite!

Not to mention that this snowy city is the world of evil people! The system is clearly adding fuel to the flames and helping a tyrant to do evil! A voice gradually turned from a faint to a hysterical cry a call from the bottom Palace Wall Willow It's really a surprise! What a surprise! Full level! (Bala Bala) [Secret] Palace Wall Willow Hmm silk cherry blossom tree Where are the people [Secret] Palace Wall Willow Reply reply reply Answer me if you can breathe! His name is clearly on the list of friends Where is Keren He always replies quickly! With a vague sense of foreboding he hurriedly turned out the transmission scroll and flew paste full level but he redeemed her! Became the master of the palace wall willow!

Oh the outdoor palm trees bad taste the maid control is indeed the person who is buried by the thousand frost = _=||| The palace wall willow quietly appeared in the amber forest under the pale golden light Although she had easily jumped to the full level after her rebirth after all she was suspected of gettingslaughter mode to me! If you stab me again I will fight with you! [Nearby] Soul Master Empress I like to slaughter If I can't escape I will faux grass wall die Don't talk nonsense! Kill your own people as usual! [Nearby] Funeral King Wife [Nearby] Soul Master Empress Get out!

Will you know who I am Don't you think I'm a man Slaughter! Don't change! [Nearby] Moonlight Nishang Why are you blocking us! We are the people of the devil! [Nearby] Demon Gods of War It seems to be very cool I also start the slaughter [Nearby] Half dead Also open [Nearby] I advise you to be buried in peace Amito the poor monk has also opened [Nearby] Eleven flowers My master's challenge I know helpless! It's all for that Xiaofengcan! Hate! [Nearby] The floating flower of blood Is it the Luoxiangyi people lying on the ground Little beauty from this young master this young master immediately started to slaughter these rough people ~ how Mo Ran looked at this group of people still in the mood to chat and tease the poor carefully identified only to find that although the other side is the people of the world but absolutely not the core strength no wonder these people even want to kill their own people not happy to play ah! It seems that the legend can not be credulous what these people are all gods or something This is ridiculous! Still have that to just return to life in situ of fall Xiang Yi person isn't that exactly the queen candidate that clamors to want to eliminate demon for people on the forum Look at the way she's lying on the ground hacartificialtree.com

17, Ağustos, 17 Burçlar & Fallar kategorisinde Jorge A. Bolden (300 puan) tarafından soruldu

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