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P2Pah WoTLK:I am a huge fan of World of Warcraft and have been obsessive

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You know, there were several questions that I had when Mike was saying WOTLK Gold , "Hey, you should think about pursuing this position." There were a few questions I had for Mike, as well as a few questions I had for Bobby [Kotick, CEO of Activisionas well as the rest of the folks at Activision Blizzard. The issue you're discussing is something which is vital to the essence of what it is to be a Blizzard, both from an entrepreneur's perspective, and, more importantly the community and fan standpoint.
Here's the thing I will declare. We're in this room and are getting ready to host one of the World of Warcraft League Finals, which has really been created in conjunction with some of the people at Activision Blizzard, and the desires they have are identical to the desire that we have that is to see our games played and being played by millions of gamers all over the world.
I believe we all have different ways to think about how to reach this goal, however our objectives are very similar and closely aligned with them.
The concern from a player's perspective is, if there's the moment that it looks like a World of Warcraft League can't keep the interest it needs, does Activision suddenly switch to "Well now, you've got to deliver the next game in the near future," and that's where the clash of ideologies may take place. It could be like,"Well we operate in such a way that you will not see an additional World of Warcraft for another 10 years." Are you still at a point where you call the shots on your gamesand don't be told how to make them or be forced to develop them in a alternative way to meet demand.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I think that's the way that Blizzard has been operating with this kind of bottom up approach on what the games that we want to create and progress towards are and [that's] what's most important. It's so ingrained and integrated into the very DNA of Blizzard I'm not sure what other way Blizzard can be successful in a different way.
I'm guessing the development team was put in charge of the business following Mike And I believe the fact that we promoted Ray Gresko to be the chief development officer speaks to exactly what Blizzard believes in, but also an indicator to us that Activision Blizzard understands what's important to Blizzard.
I am a huge fan of World of Warcraft and have been obsessive about it in a way that I haven't experienced with any other Blizzard game. I'm sure that's the case for other players. The idea of creating new IP is clearly working for your company, but you have a stable of classic games that gamers would like to see more of, such as StarCraft or buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold World of Warcraft . What's your take on creating new versus leaning on the classics? Do you intend to play with the older game as you have done with a classic game or are there new possibilities in StarCraft and the future?
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