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He keeps phasing in and out

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Afrasiabi who was WoTLK Classic Gold sacked without a ceremony at Blizzard at the end of summer 2020 is the only individual named directly in the State of California's lawsuit in reference to sexual harassment allegations. The lawsuit states that he often smack female employees, attempting to kiss them and wrap his arms around them. One aspect of the lawsuit that is especially telling is the claim that Afrasiabi's room was referred to as the "Crosby Suite" an apparent reference to the alleged sexual assaulter Bill Cosby, who in 2018 was sentenced to 10 years of jail for sexual assault charges, claims that were recently tossed out in the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court.

The lawsuit alleges that Afrasiabi's pattern of harassment was known to Blizzard executives, but no corrective measures were taken because of his rank as well as Blizzard the president J. Allen Brack allegedly just giving Afrasiabi an imaginary slap on the wrist to protest his conduct. Afrasiabi was hired by Blizzard when it was in 2004. as the quest designer for vanilla WoW. He was later to become the creative director for the game's Warlords of Draenor and Legion expansions.

He keeps phasing in and out, however I managed to /spit on him just before they removed his NPC. From wow

Now, players on the game's forums and Reddit are calling for two human NPCs named in honor of Afrasiabi to be removed from the game. The two NPCs who are in question are Field Marshal Afrasiabi located in the Alliance capital city , Stormwind and Lord Afrasastrasz, found inside Wrymwrest Temple in Northrend. As of this writing, both NPCs are present in the game with Field Marshal Afrasiabi is available in each of WoW Classic and the game's most recent expansion, Shadowlands. Field Marshal Afrasiabi appears to be moving in and out of existence in this Shadowlands versions of the game, however the reason behind this is not yet clear. Players are currently using an in-game toy for warnings to buy WoTLK Gold be posted around the Stormwind NPC. There are some Horde players even taking matters on their own invading the Alliance city in order to eliminate Field Marshal Afrasiabi personally.

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